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At Every Investor, we bridge the gap between you and the complex world of later-life finance, offering insights and resources for individuals at every stage of life. We aim to guide you through critical financial decisions with clarity and to connect you with top-tier lending options available on the market.

Our team of expert financial writers is passionate about crafting clear, straightforward content that demystifies all aspects of retirement finance. Count on us as your dependable guide in securing a financially stable and fulfilling retirement.

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About EveryInvestor Company

Our Vision

Your Guide Through Financial Decisions

Every Investor’s mission is to equip readers of all ages with the knowledge and information they need to make educated financial decisions.

Our world-class editorial and management teams ensure that all our information is accurate and up to date.

We simplify complex financial facts into readily digestible articles to empower our readers to make better decisions.

Whether you’re taking the first step on your retirement-planning journey or you’re a seasoned financial advisor, we’re here to help you navigate the world of later-life finance.

What We Do

Tools for Smart Financial Choices

Every Investor’s mission is to give people of all ages the tools they need to make smart financial choices.

We break down complex financial data into accessible articles that give our readers the confidence to make smarter decisions, and our expert editorial and management teams ensure that all our content is correct and current.

Whether you’re just starting to plan for retirement or you’ve been doing this for a long time, we’re here to help you make informed choices.

Our Clients

Comprehensive Financial Guidance

UK residents turn to Every Investor for information on the best ways to find and maintain financial freedom in retirement.

We focus on the world of equity release and later-life mortgages, an area that’s arguably been shrouded in unnecessary mystery and tied up in complicated jargon.

EveryInvestor's Comprehensive Support

We Believe

Integrity First
Our core morals and values guide every article we write and the information we provide.

We Prioritise

People Before Profit
We believe that our company objectives can only be achieved by putting our readers first.

We Understand That

Accuracy is Key
We take the time to conduct in-depth research to ensure that the information we share is useful and accurate.

Our Mission

Empowering People Towards Making Smarter Retirement Decisions
It’s never too late to plan for retirement. We offer the knowledge you need to make wise, family-focused financial decisions for a comfortable future.
Empowering Smarter Investment Choices

Trusted Team

Investment and Equity Release News From a Team You Can Trust
We provide accurate and up-to-date information on current market trends in the equity release space.
Trusted Investment and Equity Release News

Simplifying Finance

Our content is simple and easy to understand. As such, we appeal to both novices and seasoned experts in the field.

Careful Research

Our team is dedicated to staying abreast of the latest financial trends, ensuring you receive the most current and relevant information.


We ensure that all financial matters are thoroughly researched and collaborate with experts to maintain our high-quality standards.

Every Investor's Editorial Team

Our World-Class Writers, Reporters and Editors
Kath Read Profile

Financial Writer

Katherine Read is a financial writer specializing in retirement planning, SIPPS, later life mortgages and equity release.

Rachel Wait Biography

Personal Finance Journalist

Rachel Wait is a seasoned consumer finance journalist with an English Honours Degree from Exeter University.

Every Investor's Review Team

Our Financial Expert Review Board
Bert Hofhuis Profile


Bert has worked with multinational companies and governments, consulting on various projects in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Paul Sawyer Color Image

Compliance Expert

His experience spans regulatory updates, compliance auditing and due diligence in the UK finance space.

Personal Representation of Francis Hui

Senior Risk Manager

Senior Risk Manager with in-depth knowledge and experience in the investment management industry across, enterprise and prudential risk.

Other Contributors

Leading Industry Experts Who've Contributed
Rob Shipman Feature


Rob Shipman is the Founder and CEO of UAP, a dynamic trust and pension company based in Guernsey. He is a visionary leader with a deep commitment to challenging the status quo and delivering exceptional client experiences.

Why People Turn To Every Investor

Whether you’re new to the world of later-life mortgages and retirement planning or an expert in the field, you’ll find essential resources here designed to enhance your financial literacy and sharpen your planning skills.

We offer straightforward, practical insights into the most common questions and concerns, like how to unlock equity and prepare for your retirement.

Our content will give you a comprehensive overview of the subject, and allow you to compare deals and discover how much equity you may be eligible to access by using one of our calculators.

Editorial Integrity Assurance
Inheritance Protection in Equity Release

Rigorous Research for Your Benefit

Our specialists are quick to pinpoint emerging trends and updates in the financial market, guaranteeing that Every Investor consistently offers fresh and pertinent insights. Explore our extensive library of articles and blog posts to uncover information that could be pivotal to your financial journey.

In the News

Media Mentions and Coverage

Look out for Every Investor in the news. Our expert information is repeatedly quoted in Top UK publications, so do take a look at what our readers have to say in these excellent testimonials.

We’re confident that Every Investor will provide you with valuable information; from equity release tools to the most up-to-date financial news articles, we’ve got it all here.

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You Are Our Guest

Welcome to Every Investor

The home of the latest in UK retirement financial information. We’re here to guide you in the right direction.

How We Operate

Editorial Standards

Our skilled editorial team simplifies complex financial information for our readers to understand and digest. We equip our readers with the knowledge they need to make sound financial decisions.

Our editorial guidelines are grounded in a stringent ethical code, ensuring that our content upholds the highest standards of accuracy, fairness, and transparency.

Our Professionals

Financial Review Board

Our Financial Review Board is the cornerstone of our commitment to accuracy and trust.

Composed of esteemed financial professionals with extensive experience across the industry, the board rigorously reviews our content to ensure factual precision and relevance.

Their oversight is integral to providing you with reliable, unbiased financial advice that you can count on.

Our Regular Checks


Our specialist team of qualified fact-checkers thoroughly reviews every article published on our site. These checks ensure that we only post the most current, accurate, and relevant information for our readers. External compliance oversight ensures that we continue to exceed industry best practices.

If you’ve spotted an error, please let us know.

What We Value

Diverse Perspectives and Inclusive Content
We’re committed to providing information that reflects all angles of ethnicity, gender identity, age, socioeconomic circumstances, and sexual orientation.

Our Editorial Integrity Is Not for Sale

Our website operates independently, free from sponsorship or influence by third-party entities, including advertisers.

While we do receive compensation for featured sponsored products and services, or for clicks on links within our site, this compensation may affect how and where products appear on the site.

Please be aware that not every company or product available in the market is represented on our site.


Every Investor goes through vigorous checks to ensure that our information is current and accurate.

We encourage our readers to report any errors or inaccuracies.

Should we discover a factual error in any of our articles, we’ll correct it as soon as possible and indicate what correction was made.

Our goal is to consistently offer the most reliable and precise information available.

Privacy & Your Peace of Mind

At Every Investor, your privacy is paramount. Keeping your information secure is our top priority, and we adhere to the latest data protection regulations.

For a detailed explanation of how we collect, use, and protect your data, please review our Privacy Policy.

Additionally, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with our Terms and Conditions to understand the guidelines that govern the use of our services and content.

Careers & Contact

Like what you see? Thinking about joining our team? We’d love to hear from you. Have a look at our careers page to see if what we offer is a good fit for what your are looking for. Alternatively, if you have a question or just want to chat, please get in touch.

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