Our goal at EveryInvestor is to foster a caring, yet professional work environment, where we nurture the leaders of tomorrow. Our hands-on management team is constantly training and upskilling our staff, giving them a chance to grow exponentially within the business.

Our Core Values

To give UK citizens of all ages the opportunity and tools to strive for a sound financial future and leave a lasting legacy.

About EveryInvestor

It’s our mission to educate millions of individuals, no matter their age, on preparing for retirement, as it’s never too soon to start your financial journey. We nurture lasting relationships with our clients and stakeholders, keeping our fingers on the pulse on the latest financial solutions and industry innovations.

Our unique marketplace helps millions of clients find the best financial brands and products to suit their needs and help them determine the appropriate course of action, with our in-depth information and brand analysis.

With a massive expanse underway, we’re proud to have recently given dozens of job opportunities to many UK-based experts and graduates.

What We Love


We Lead the Future Together

We value workers who are motivated, transparent, and communicative.

We connect individuals all around the world to help them make a living. We’re committed to helping under-represented communities enter the finance sector and are working around the clock to generate change.

We operate independently, and as the legal rules and regulations regarding financial plans continue to shift rapidly, we aim to develop at the same pace and serve our clients, by providing trustworthy equity release and financial information.

We’re searching for individuals that are mission-oriented, data-focused, and, most importantly, hungry to find a greater purpose in their daily activities. We take pride in our ability to recruit top talent from all walks of life.

Small groups of tight-knit teams working cross-functionally, learning from each other, and not being afraid to take on huge challenges, will continue to be at the heart of everyInvestor.

At EveryInvestor, one of our major principles is to “Lead the Future Together.” We’re committed to creating a workplace that reflects reality, with all of the demographic changes taking place in the UK and abroad. We’re pleased to share our achievements thus far!

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Money Matters Articles

Join Our Movement and Experience Your Dream Retirement

In a world of uncertainty, we’ve been thinking ahead, doing things that more than 60% of the current global population is talking about.

Perhaps you’re a data cruncher, a digital guru, or an arithmetic genius.

Regardless, it’s you who permits us to discover innovative and superior methods to be brilliant while also advancing and protecting the worldwide population.

Taylor Holt - 300x300

Written by
Taylor Holt
Estate Planning Expert

Taylor Is Our Resident Estate Planning Expert. He Knows That Everything Revolving Around Wills or Funeral Planning Can Be a Sensitive Subject That People Don’t Like to Discuss. But He Also Knows How Important It Is to Know All There Is to Know About It. Taylor Makes It His Mission to Spread Awareness About Estate Planning, and We Believe Everyinvestor Is the Best Platform to Do That.

Monique - 300x300

Written by
Monique Pittman
Pensions Expert

Monique Is Our Resident Pensions Expert. Many People Postpone Planning Out Their Pension, Thinking That Is Something They’ll Have to Worry Much Later in Life. Monique Knows How Important It Is to Start Planning Your Pension Early, and She Wants You to Know It Too!


Written by
Lisa Schilling
Insurance Expert

Lisa Is Our Resident Insurance Expert. She Knows How Important It Is to Be Ready for Any Scenario, Especially When a Family Member Is Involved. Nobody Likes Being Found Unprepared in a Tough Situation! Lisa Can Find the Best Insurance to Cover Your Every Need, Present and Future.

Doyle Edwards - 300x300

Written by
Doyle Edwards
Mortgages Expert

Doyle Is Our Resident Mortgages Expert. He Comes From a Long Line of Financial Gurus, and It Truly Shows. Despite His Young Age, There Is No Question He Cannot Answer When It Comes to Mortgages, and His Ability to See Outside of the Box to Find the Best Mortgage Deals Is Truly Impressive.

jason stubbs 300x300 1.jpg

Written by
Jason Stubbs
Equity Release Expert

Jason Stubbs Is a Specialist in the Equity Release Sector. He Enjoys Helping Older People Who Are Struggling Financially Get Out From Under Financial Pressure.

rachel w.jpg

Rachel Wait
Personal Finance Journalist

Rachel is an experienced finance journalist and editor with a particular interest in personal finance and consumer affairs. She has vast experience writing about money issues, property, insurance, and consumer affairs, and you’ll find her articles regularly featured in top media and newspaper publications.

Reviewed by
Francis Hui
Senior Risk Manager

Having held various high-level roles across the industry, Francis is truly an expert in aiding UK citizens in their financial decisions and risk analysis. His unique insight and statistical knowledge make him the perfect person to help you take your financial future to the next level.
Mark Patterson

Written by
Mark Patterson
Mortgage Expert

Mark Patterson is a well-known expert in mortgages. He has been working as an expert for over 15 years, and he specializes in the UK mortgage market.
kath icon.png

Katherine Read
Consumer Affairs Writer

She writes on the topics of equity release, home reversion, and mortgages.

Nicola Date

Nicola Date
Writer & Journalist

Nicola is a financial writer for EveryInvestor and is passionate about the opportunities that equity release can open up for homeowners. Her extensive business experience and deep understanding of the industry means that she’s always up-to-date with the latest developments.