Which Equity Release Reviews (Updated 2022)

Is Which Equity Release Any Good & Safe? We Review the Pros, Cons & Scheme Features
Is Which? A Good Source of Equity Release Information You Can Trust to Bring You the Trustworthy Answers You Need on Your Equity Release Search? You Don’t Want to Miss This Review as We Have All the Answers You Need…

Which Equity Release

Equity Release from Which? is a hot topic in retired social circles in the UK at the moment because it’s changing people’s golden years for the better.

Successful equity release deals have increased by 21% in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021.

Do you want to join those enjoying their retirement thanks to equity release but are unsure where to get a reputable provider?

We are here to take the stress out of finding the right lender!

Through our review, you’ll discover:

  • All about Which?
  • Who’s Which?
  • Why consider Which?

The team of journalists at EveryInvestor are exceptional at uncovering relevant and credible financial information so you can stay up to date on market trends.

Let’s take a look!

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Who’s Which?

Which? is a UK consumer watchdog website. 

It uses the funds from its commercial activities to fund the rest of its consumer champion work which is the core focus at Which?

Being a not-for-profit organisation Which? prides itself on being 100% independent and not influenced by any product providers.

Throughout the market Which? is known for being ethical, taking a stand for what’s right, and bringing you fair and unbiased researched market details to keep readers informed.

Why Consider Which?

You should consider Which? because its team of market-leading journalists do thorough research and are champions for consumer choices and causes.

Which? sees itself as the people’s voice on all economic matters and uses its influence to make changes for the better in the markets, including taking on scams and politicians.

With a reputation for its ethics and consumer focus, you can most surely consider Which?

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What Services Does Which? Offer?

The core activity at Which? is being an online consumer champion that brings you trusted reviews and information from various UK markets about all sorts of topics and products.

Furthermore, it also looks explicitly at money matters, including equity release and has been responsible for organising 1 in 3 plans according to the Equity Release Council.

It brings you reviews about providers and products from the market and gives you an independent view of these.

Financial advice is offered by Which? Money Helpline service, however, this is unregulated but personalised and can assist you in starting the equity release process.

Does Which? Offer Equity Release?

No, Which? doesn’t offer equity release.

Which? is an online review platform that evaluates equity release providers and the products they offer. 

It can also assist in arranging equity release for subscribers.

What’s more, it’s a consumer champion website and centres its activities and reporting around protecting customers.

Another great attribute of Which? is it’s a non-profit organisation.

Further to this, Which? have 2 divisions, Which? Limited and Which? Financial Services.

All the digital products such as Which? Wills, Which? Money Helpline, Which? Legal, books, and magazines are run by the divisions and the earnings from these funds the group.

Which?’s Equity Release Schemes

Which? don’t have any equity release schemes.

However, it does review the schemes available to consumers and can assist its members via the Which? Money Helpline service to find a provider to assist them with equity release.

Which?’s Equity Release Scheme Features

Which? don’t offer equity release directly; it can arrange to get its members in touch with providers who provide equity release.

Furthermore, it’s a great platform for information on available schemes and the features each offers.

What Are Which?’s Equity Release Interest Rates?

As Which? don’t directly offer equity release, and as such, it doesn’t have interest rates. 

However, you can find general mortgage interest rate information from Which? here.

What Are Which?’s Fees

Which? don’t charge fees for equity release; however, it does charge a membership fee of £69 per annum, including access to all their services.

What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Which?

Which? Pros

  • Members get free advice – It offers free financial advice to subscribers via Which? Money Helpline.
  • Independent – It’s independent, so your advice is sourced from the whole of market and not one provider.
  • Contacts – Advisers from Which? can put you in touch with trusted providers.

Which? Cons

  • Advice – Although advice from Which? is personalised, it’s not licensed to give regulated advice.
  • Members-only – The advice service is only available to subscribers who pay subscription fees.

How Did We Review Which?

We reviewed Which? by investigating its online ratings on top UK review platforms.

Here’s what we found.

Which? Reviews

The reviews that Which? receives are a mix of positive and negative, and it receives an average overall rating.

You can read the online reviews for Which? Here:

Which? Complaints

To lodge a complaint with Which? you can contact it in the following ways:

  • You can also write to them at:
    • Which? Complaints Team,
    • 3 Capital Quarter
    • Tyndall Street
    • Cardiff
    • CF104BT

Which? will endeavour to resolve your complaint within 1 business day from receipt.

However, if it can’t do so within 3 business days, it’ll write to you on the 5th business day to inform you of when you can expect a response to your complaint.

Which? FCA Details

Here’s the FCA details for Which?

  • FCA Address:
    • 2 Marylebone Road
    • London
    • NW14DF
    • United Kingdom
  • Trading Names:
    • Which?
    • The Consumer’s Association.
    • Which? Limited.
    • Which? Financial Services Limited.
  • FCA Permitted Services:
    • Insurance-related activities.
    • Mortgage and Home Finance Activities.
    • Consumer Credit Activities.
  • Regulators:
    • Financial Conduct Authority (FAC).1
    • Financial Services Authority is now the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).2
  • Registration Numbers:
    • Which? Limited (Company No 677665).
    • Consumers’ Association (Company No 580128).
    • Which? Financial Services Limited (Company number 7239342).
  • FCA Link
  • Companies House Link

Which? Contact Number

The contact number for Which? is 2077707000

Got Questions About Which?

Is Which a Member of the Equity Release Council?

Who Owns Which?

Which? Jobs

Does Which Do Equity Release?

Is Which Equity Release Safe?


In the equity release market and customer watchdog sectors Which? is known as a reputable review and consumer champion website.

It feels strongly about protecting consumer rights and promoting ethical financial services to its readers.

Before you decide if equity release from Which? is right for you, we always recommend that you contact your financial adviser before making any decisions.

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