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How Much Cash Can You Release With a Home Reversion?
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Home Reversion Calculator

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What’s a Home Reversion Scheme?

A home reversion plan is the second most popular type of equity release.

With this option, you’ll unlock the cash tied into your home, in exchange for selling all or a portion of your property below market value.

In exchange, you can remain in your home, rent-free, until you die or move to long-term care.

How Does a Home Reversion Scheme Work?

A home reversion scheme works by you selling 20% to 100% of your property below market value to your lender in exchange for equity.

Your home serves as collateral1 and the lender will take the full market value of their portion at the end of the loan term.

However, there is no fixed loan term. Instead, the home is sold to settle the debt when you die or enter long-term care.

How to Use the Home Reversion Calculator

Does a home reversion scheme sound like it could possibly be the right plan for you? If so, try our FREE home reversion calculator.

The equity release home reversion calculator will require you to input:

  • Your estimated property value
  • You age
  • Contact information

Our team will be in touch with an estimate of the maximum equity you can unlock.

The final offer will be subject to a detailed property valuation2. The whole process takes just 8 seconds!

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How Is My Final Home Reversion Offer Calculated?

Your final home reversion scheme offer is calculated based on your age, the value of your property, and the percentage of your home you’re opting to sell.

The older you are, the more equity you’ll be entitled to unlock.

Are Home Reversion Plans Regulated?

Yes, home reversion schemes are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority,3 the body designed to safeguard practices in the UK financial sector.

Furthermore, legitimate and protected lenders will be members of the Equity Release Council, so always confirm membership before meeting with a provider.

The Council was formed in 1991 to weed out corruption in the industry.

Furthermore, member products offer essential guarantees.

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Will I Pay Interest on My Home Reversion Scheme?

No, there are zero interest charges on a home reversion scheme.

Instead, you sell all or a portion of your property to the lender at below market value.

When the home is sold, they will collect their portion at full market value, plus the benefit from a rise in property prices.

At the same time, if prices plummet, the lender will still only collect their share.

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In Conclusion

Now that you know how much cash is available through a home reversion scheme, you’re probably wondering what’s the next step?

We suggest you first understand all the home reversion scheme alternatives and the pros and cons of these plans.

In addition, get in touch with a whole of market financial adviser who can help you find the best plan for you and your family.

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