Equityh Release Pitfalls

7 Crucial Pitfalls of Equity Release

Releasing Equity in Your Home Unfortunately has it’s Disadvantages. We’re Here to Talk You Through the Pitfalls You Need to be Aware of to Ensure That You Don’t Have Regrets & Tears in the Future!
Is Equity Release Immune To Pitfalls

Financial products usually have their downfalls – even if you have all economic freedom. There will always be risks and disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

If you’re considering the pitfalls of equity release, read on!

The Seven Pitfalls

The Seven Pitfalls

We’ve put together a list of pitfalls for your peace of mind.

1. ‘Rolled Up’ Interest

When it comes to lifetime mortgages, the most common scheme offers you money according to your property’s value. These are usually at a fixed rate interest.

Listen to this:

Lifetime mortgages are more popular than home reversion interest. Why? Because they don’t require you to pay interest monthly when you’re repaying your loan. The interest is ‘rolled-up’, and it’s payable as a large compounded amount at the end of your lifetime mortgage.

Simply put…

You can choose to keep the level of interest at a low by withdrawing equity (drawdown) or going with a once-off capital mortgage (lump-sum). A combination of both is also possible. Depending on your provider, of course, make sure that they tell you exactly how your option works, and it’s potential regarding interest. Make sure you get all the advice you need from them.

2. A Reduced Inheritance

When you take out equity from your home, it reduces the merit of your estate. This means you get a decreased inheritance for your heirs.

That being said, you don’t have to worry. There is a way to secure your inheritance, and it’s called ‘the inheritance protection.’

Aviva and More2life, among other equity release providers in the UK, offer many safety features. When you choose the amount of your estate you want to secure; the pitfalls of some equity release plans allow you to get a quota of the property worth to continue being sold.


If you want to have a more significant percentage secured, you’ll most likely get a lowered maximum loan amount if that sounds like something you’d consider, feel free to ask an adviser for some financial advice.

3. Limits on How Much You Can Release

In 2018, homes started to be appraised more, almost 20% more, depending on the circumstances. As population levels grow and the economy inflates, this is happening more and more.

Let me tell you something.

If you have a large amount of equity release cash on your property, it might be that you won’t be able to release that much. Instead, you’ll have access to considerably less in the end.

Most equity release plan providers wait more than ten years to be repaid. Due to this reason, there are significant “discounts”. And another pitfall is that if you’re young and healthy, you’ll be eligible for less equity.

4. You Don’t Benefit From Increasing Property Market Values

Home reversion plans work in the way of people selling a portion of your home or their entire property to an equity release provider or lender. After selling a part of their home or their entire property, people receive a cash lump sum, and they can remain in their home at the same time. It’s also shared ownership of a home. The equity that’s released from the property could be something to think about, especially when it comes to negative equity.

And another thing:

Your provider will get a portion of the money from your property when they sell it. Meaning, you and your loved ones won’t benefit from the full money from the house. Therefore, it’s best to get advice from an expert so that you get the right information.

5. Early Repayment Charges You Should Know About

As their name states, Lifetime mortgages don’t have to be paid during your lifetime and while you’re the owner of the mortgaged house. You should also be prepared because you could run into a large sum of debt very quickly.


Consequently, they can have fast repayment charges if you’re repaying them before you pass away. This can put you in debt. So it all depends on your income. Look very closely before you take out this loan, you don’t want to make a mistake and end up with a load of debt.

But let me tell you something.

The new plans mostly have fixed-term advance arrangement payments as an option. It means that you can decide to close it or change it a few years into the plan.

6. Benefits Are Affected

By releasing the equity from your property, you increase your income or your savings. However, this might, in turn, have adverse effects on you means-tested benefit claims. You must do your research to find out exactly how they’ll be affected so that you don’t get a nasty surprise.

7. Extra Fees to Pay

If you require extra capital to help your finances once you retire, equity release is quite an adequate remedy. But, you need to find out what other options you have that don’t require extra fees. Other options don’t include interest charges, for example, that might suit your needs better.

Simply put:

You can downsize to a smaller home, or you can try to borrow some cash from your friends or loved ones. Get as much information as you can regarding these other alternatives.

To learn more about equity release alternatives read here: ‘11 Alternatives to Equity Release

There are so many kinds of equity release plans, and you’ll need to pay some fees: initial charges like financial advice tax, solicitor’s tax, and provider tax, and holdings valuation tax. Different companies and providers have other costs, so just look into that.

You might be wondering…

Why do I need an expert’s advice, and why do I need to pay for one? Well, some providers require that to get an equity release plan. After getting the right direction, you’ll know for sure if it’s the most suitable for you and your future.

Common Questions

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Is Releasing Equity Risky?

What Are The Pitfalls To Equity Release?

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In Conclusion

We understand that the older you get the more apprehensive you may be about your finances. You may also want to increase their finances in order to enjoy retirement longer. Almost 40,000 homeowners all over the UK, aged 55-year-old or older, have been releasing equity to give their finances a boost from their property. There are other types of mortgages as well: retirement interest-only plans, and more.

Answering the question: “Is equity release right for me?” Well, you’ll need to do proper research to figure it out. Consider all your options carefully, and ask different providers about their options etc.

Please ask an expert for advice and don’t put yourself in debt. Read ‘Equity Release Process’ and any of our articles to find out more.

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