Equity Release Costs

What Are the 4 Major Costs of Equity Release That You Must Know in 2022?
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What Are the Costs of Equity Release? Find Out When to Pay Equity Release Fees & 4 Costs You Must Know in 2022. Read This So You Don’t Get Caught.

Is uncertainty about how much equity release costs stopping you from applying?

Equity release could be your ticket to a financially free retirement, so don’t be discouraged because you don’t have the facts to work with.

Let’s be your guide and work through what equity release costs so that there’s no hidden surprises.

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

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    What Are the Equity Release Set-up Costs?

    Equity release set-up costs are the fees you’ll need to pay to start your equity release application process.

    These initial set-up fees are for your application and advice.

    Adviser fees differ per adviser and could be a percentage of the equity released, while others charge a fixed amount.

    The application or arrangement fees cover the charges for the provider’s legal process and administration of your application.

    What Fees Will You Pay?

    The fees you’ll pay include surveyor’s valuation costs, solicitor’s fees, lender’s application fees, and advice fees.

    Here’s more information about these.

    Surveyor’s Valuation

    Your provider often covers the surveyor’s valuation costs.

    Some providers charge an additional fee, but this is offset by other benefits that they offer their clients.

    If a surveyor’s charge is payable, it’s usually due upfront upon application.

    Solicitors’ Fees

    Solicitor’s1 fees will normally range from £750 to £1000, depending on your solicitor.

    These fees cover money laundering checks, legal advice, transfer costs charged by your provider, and getting your property’s land registry documentation. 

    You’re required by law to get independent legal advice when taking out equity release.

    Lender’s Application

    Lender’s application fees range from £500 to £1000; however, you can also be charged a percentage of the equity you release as a fee.

    Your lender’s application is usually paid when you receive your tax-free funds at the start of your plan, although some lenders may require this upfront.

    Advice Fee

    Advice fees2 that you can expect to pay range from £900 to £2000, depending on your adviser.

    Some providers will offer you an adviser free of charge as part of the process.

    What Additional Costs Are There With Equity Release?

    The additional costs of equity release are for the surveyor’s fees and solicitor’s costs.

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    What’s the Total Cost of Equity Release?

    The total cost of the charges can range between £1,500 and £3,000, depending on the type of equity release plan you choose,

    The interest charged on your loan value is also a cost you’ll have to pay when you move into permanent care or pass on one day.

    When Do You Pay Your Equity Release Fees?

    You pay equity release fees at different steps throughout the process.

    Here’s when you’ll pay the fees.

    • Financial advisor fees – If this is charged, it can be paid upfront or included with the loan.
    • Provider’s application fees – Where applicable, this is usually paid on your plan’s initiation when you get your money.
    • Interest on your mortgage – Interest on a lifetime mortgage is compounded and generally settled when your home is sold if you pass away or move into long-term care. 
    • Surveyor costs – If payable, these costs are typically paid with the application submission.
    • Solicitor’s fee – These fees are normally paid when your money is paid out on completion.

    What Are Early Redemption Charges (ERCs) For Equity Release & Lifetime Mortgages?

    Early redemption charges (ERCs) that could be payable on equity release and lifetime mortgage products are charged by your provider if you settle your loan before its term ends.

    You’ll be charged either fixed-term or gilt-based rates if you sell your home or repay the loan before you pass on or enter permanent care.

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    In Conclusion

    If you are thinking about releasing equity from your home, your financial advisor can walk you through all the details.

    Make sure you understand the fine print, including all the equity release costs, so you can decide if it’s the right option for you and if you can afford the fees.

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