18 Best RIO and Retirement Mortgage Providers in 2024

Leading retirement mortgage providers in the UK include Nationwide, Legal & General, and Aviva. They offer various plans tailored to retirees' needs, emphasising flexibility and security.
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Who Are the Top Retirement Mortgage Providers in the UK? Learn About the Top 17 Retirement Mortgage Providers and What They Can Offer You. Read On...
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Key Takeaways…

  • Top UK retirement mortgage providers like Legal & General, More2Life, and Aviva are celebrated for their comprehensive plans and standout customer service.
  • Hodge Lifetime, Canada Life, and Pure Retirement cater specifically to the over-55 crowd with tailored financial products.
  • Choose a retirement mortgage firm by evaluating interest rates, product flexibility, customer service, and company reputation, as each offers unique features that showcase their distinct offerings.

As experts in the field of equity release, our goal is to help you find the best retirement mortgage providers and prepare for your financial future.

In This Article, You Will Discover:

    Therefore, our team of professionals has combed the market and compared plans by all regulated providers, as well as those that are not.

    Through our research, we have put together this up-to-date list of providers of mortgages for older people.

    Who are the top equity release providers in 2024? 


    What Do You Need to Know About Retirement Mortgages?

    Retirement mortgages allow older homeowners to access equity or purchase new property, tailoring repayments to their retirement income.

    What Is a Retirement Mortgage?

    Retirement mortgages are a specialised form of equity release financing, designed to meet the unique needs of retirees by allowing them to borrow against their home with flexible repayment terms.

    Falling under the broader category of equity release mortgages, these products offer a way to release equity from property, providing a financial lifeline for older homeowners seeking to improve their retirement lifestyle.

    What Are the Benefits and Risks Associated With RIO Mortgages?

    RIO mortgages offer you the chance to unlock the equity in your home without having to sell it. This can provide a much-needed financial boost in retirement, allowing you to cover living expenses, fund home improvements, or even help family members financially.

    However, the obligation to make regular interest payments means you need to manage your budget carefully.

    The major risk is the impact on your estate’s value, as the loan amount will be deducted from the sale proceeds of your home when it is eventually sold.

    Also, interest rates can fluctuate, affecting your monthly payments. It is important to consider these factors carefully against the benefits.

    Who Offers the Best Retirement Mortgages in the UK?

    Top UK providers offer competitive retirement mortgages, with options varying from fixed to variable rates tailored for seniors.

    Who Are the Top Retirement Mortgage Providers in the UK?

    In the UK, the top retirement mortgage providers are often companies specialising in lifetime mortgages, a popular type of equity release scheme.

    Among them, Legal & General, Aviva, and More2Life are industry leaders, offering competitive plans with flexible options designed to suit retirees’ unique needs. These financial institutions are renowned for their expertise, customer service, and transparency, making them trustworthy choices.

    However, it is also worth mentioning smaller, yet reliable providers like Hodge Lifetime and Canada Life. These companies provide a varied range of retirement mortgage schemes, sometimes offering more flexibility and attractive interest rates.

    Remember, the best provider for you depends on your circumstances, so consider seeking independent advice before making a decision.

    As always, we recommend shopping around to find the best fit for your retirement mortgage needs.

    Top UK RIO and Retirement Mortgage Providers in 2024

    #1. Bank of Ireland: A Leading RIO Mortgage Provider?

    First founded in 17831, the Bank of Ireland has retirement mortgage plans through the Post Office Retirement Link.

    It also offers lifetime mortgages, giving you numerous options to consider.

    It’s plans include:

    • Lump-sum
    • Drawdown
    • Interest-only
    • Home reversions

    #2. Beverley Building Society: Retirement Mortgage Services Offered

    Beverley Building Society is one of the oldest societies, having being established in 18662.

    If you are over 55, you can sell a percentage of your home to unlock up to 55% of the valuation.

    #3. Bridgewater: Offering the Best RIO Mortgage Rates?

    Owned by the Retirement Bridge Group owns Bridgewater Equity Release Limited.

    As a huge company, they have a range of home reversion schemes on offer.

    If you have not released 100% of the equity available, Brightwater gives you a chance to release more equity at a later stage.

    #4. Buckinghamshire Building Society: A Prime Retirement Mortgage Service?

    The Buckinghamshire Building Society was established in 19073.

    It’s RIO’s are available for customers over the age of 55, and you can borrow up to 60% of the value of your property.

    The plan you opt for will depend on the minimum loan available. This amount ranges from £25,000 to £50,000

    #5. Crown: Later Life Mortgage Providers Explained

    Crown is the founding director of SHIP, the predecessor of the Equity Release Council. It is still a member of the council.

    If you are over 55, you can qualify for one of its home reversion plans.

    #6. Family Building Society: Retirement Mortgage Solutions for You

    Partnered with The Equity Release Experts to offer sound advice, the Family Building Society was founded in 18964.

    It currently offers its professional service to over 47,000 clients.

    #7. Hanley Economic: Who Offers the Best Retirement Mortgages?

    Hanley Building Society was first established in 18545.

    Their retirement interest-only mortgages (RIO) minimum age is 55.

    You can take out a loan to the value of £10,000 to £750,000, and their fees are fixed.

    You can borrow between 50% and 65% of the valuation of your home, depending on your circumstances.

    #8. Hinckley and Rugby: A Top Retirement Interest Only Mortgage Provider?

    Hickley and Rugby Building Society has offered excellent customer service since 18616 and has mortgages available for individuals over 75.

    It cares about it’s customers and is all about flexibility.

    #9. Hodge Lifetime: Premier RIO Mortgage Lenders?

    In addition to their lifetime mortgages, Hodge also has RIO mortgages where you can unlock up to 75% of the value of your home.

    #10. Ipswich Building Society: Leading in Lifetime Mortgages?

    Founded in 19757, Ipswich Building Society has a range of RIOs to choose from. You can repay these loans over forty years.

    Great news!

    They have a 50% discount on interest rates for the first two years of your plan.

    #11. Leeds Building Society: Which Lenders Offer RIO Mortgages?

    Leeds Building Society was first established in 18758 and gives you the chance to borrow up to 75% of your LTV.

    You can select a two or five-year fixed-rate mortgage or a RIO.

    The Society was awarded the Commended Badge by Moneyfacts Consumer Awards as the High Street Savings Provider of the Year (2021)9.

    #12. Mansfield Building Society: Exploring RIO Mortgage Rates UK

    Mansfield Building Society is one of the oldest societies, having been established in 186910.

    The Mansfield Building Society has seven products for retirees. You will need to pay back all mortgages by the age of 85.

    #13. Marsden Building Society: Retirement Mortgage Service Highlights

    The Marsden Building Society was founded in 186011 and offers the following mortgages for borrowers up to 90:

    • Retirement interest-only mortgages
    • Repayment mortgages

    #14. Newbury Building Society: Your Retirement Interest Only Mortgage Provider?

    The Newbury Building Society is a proud mutual company with over 160 years in operation.

    They can assist you with an RIO if you are between the ages of 60 and 90.

    #15. Penrith Building Society: A Top Choice for Best RIO Mortgage?

    The Penrith Building Society was founded in 187712.

    Their RIO products allow homeowners over the age of 55 to borrow up to 50% of their estate’s valuation.

    #16. Scottish Building Society: Offering Post Office Retirement Mortgages?

    Founded in 184813, the Scottish Building Society is proudly the oldest of its kind in the world.

    Their RIO products cater to homeowners over the age of 55.

    #17. Swansea Building Society: Retirement Mortgage Services for You

    If you are over 55, this society established in 192314 could loan you a minimum of £18,000.

    You can take out a loan with Swansea Building Society that needs to be paid off by your 85th birthday.

    #18. Tipton and Coseley: A Leader in Retirement Mortgages

    This Building Society provides over 55’s with RIOs and later life lending plans.

    It’s plans include great features like five-year fixed rates or three-year discount plans.

    How Did We Identify the Best RIO and Retirement Mortgage Providers?

    In identifying the top RIO (Retirement Interest Only) and retirement mortgage providers, we meticulously sifted through various factors critical for retirees seeking mortgage solutions

    These factors included:

    • We looked for the most affordable interest rates and costs.
    • Flexibility in products, such as overpayment and drawdown options, was a key focus.
    • The reputation and financial stability of providers were carefully assessed.
    • We delved into customer reviews to gauge the quality of service and support.
    • Ensuring all providers met Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations was a must.
    • The availability of advisory services to aid decision-making was considered important.
    • Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios were compared to find the most beneficial borrowing terms.

    This focused approach helped us highlight the best providers, offering competitive and adaptable solutions for retirees’ unique financial needs.

    How Can You Successfully Apply for a Retirement Mortgage?

    Applying for a retirement mortgage involves understanding eligibility criteria and preparing financial documents for a smooth process.

    What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Securing a Retirement Mortgage or RIO Mortgage?

    To secure a retirement mortgage or RIO mortgage, you must usually be over the age of 55. This is because lenders target these products at those entering or already in retirement.

    Your property’s value and your income stability are also scrutinised to ensure you can maintain interest payments.

    Your financial health, including your credit history, will be assessed. Lenders want to minimise their risk and ensure that you can manage the loan for it’s duration.

    It is wise to prepare by gathering all relevant financial documents and possibly consulting with a financial advisor to strengthen your application.

    What Steps Should You Follow to Apply for a Retirement Mortgage Successfully?

    Start by thoroughly assessing your financial situation. This means looking at your income, debts, and future plans to ensure you can afford a retirement mortgage.

    It is also crucial to research and compare different mortgage options and lenders to find the best fit for your needs.

    Gathering all necessary documentation, such as proof of income and property valuation, is your next step.

    Seeking advice from a financial advisor or mortgage broker can also guide you through the application process smoothly. Their expertise can be invaluable in navigating the complexities of retirement mortgages.

    How Do Retirement Mortgage Rates Vary?

    Retirement mortgage rates differ across providers, influenced by market conditions and the borrower’s financial profile.

    How Do RIO Mortgage Rates Compare Across Different Providers in the UK?

    Interest rates for RIO mortgages can vary widely among providers in the UK. This makes it crucial for you to shop around and compare what is available.

    Each lender will have different criteria for their rates, based on your financial situation and the loan’s terms.

    Looking beyond the headline rate to understand the full terms and conditions is essential. This includes any fees and charges that could affect the cost of your loan.

    Engaging a mortgage broker could also provide access to better deals and expert advice tailored to your circumstances.

    How Should Retirement Mortgages Fit Into Your Financial Planning?

    Incorporating retirement mortgages into financial plans can optimise income streams and asset management during retirement.

    How Can You Integrate Retirement Mortgages Into Your Overall Financial Planning Strategy?

    Incorporating a retirement mortgage into your financial plan can provide a strategic advantage. It allows you to leverage the equity in your home as a supplementary income source or to meet significant expenses without depleting other retirement savings.

    However, it is vital to consider how this fits with your long-term financial goals.

    Consider the potential impact on your estate and any inheritance you plan to leave behind.

    Regular reviews of your financial plan, ideally with a financial advisor, can help ensure that a retirement mortgage remains a beneficial part of your overall strategy.

    This is about balancing immediate financial needs with future financial health.

    Common Questions on Retirement Mortgages

    Are Home Reversion Plans Regulated?

    Is There a Better Alternative to Equity Release?

    Can You Sell Your House If You Have Taken Equity Release?

    Who Are the Top Retirement Mortgage Providers in the UK?

    What Are the Best Retirement Mortgage Providers for Those Over 55?

    How Do I Choose the Right Retirement Mortgage Provider?

    What Are the Differences Between Various Retirement Mortgage Providers?

    How Safe Are Retirement Mortgage Providers?

    In Conclusion: Choosing Your Retirement Mortgage Provider

    There are many providers to choose from when it comes to a home reversion plan or a retirement mortgage.

    It is always best to decide exactly what type of product you require and then find a provider who offers it.

    With the help of your financial adviser, you should be able to select the best home reversion or retirement mortgage provider to meet your needs.

    The features mentioned and the amounts raised, are subject to the lender’s criteria, terms and conditions. These may take into account the age, health, and lifestyle factors to provide an enhanced amount.

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