The Value of Life Insurance

What You're Probably Missing - The Most Important Insurance

Your company might offer many insurance policies, but the most important one you may not have is life insurance. What if something happens to you and it leaves your family without any income? You can’t work anymore because of an accident or illness? Life insurance protects you by providing regular payments for your spouse and children in case you die prematurely. It is the only one that guarantees your family will be financially secure after your death. This article will discuss what life insurance is, why it’s so important, and how much coverage should be enough for your needs.
When Will My Child Get Access to The Money

What is it?

Life Insurance is coverage that pays a monthly benefit to your family if you die. It’s a basic form of protection for people who provide their spouses and children with financial security.

Still, it can also be beneficial for people without other significant sources of income or assets.

Think about it:

If something happens to you, this could leave your family vulnerable by leaving them without any significant source of income from the primary breadwinner in the household.

This leaves many families struggling financially because they have no way to make ends meet on their own.

Life insurance helps protect you against unplanned expenses like funeral expenses, medical bills, mortgage protection2, etc., which may lead to a difficult time for surviving loved ones to take on.

Life insurance provides a means for your family to maintain their quality of life and lifestyle, even after you’re gone.

What’s Stopping You?

You Can't Afford it

You Can’t Afford it

If you’re struggling financially, life insurance may seem like a too expensive luxury to afford. However, because it’s a one-time cost and not an ongoing expense, the investment in your family’s future can be well worth it for those who can purchase coverage.

You're Young and Healthy

You’re Young and Healthy

If your health is good, then you may not see the need to have life insurance.

Here’s an interesting fact:

While it’s true that young people are statistically more likely to be alive longer than older adults (younger adults on average live three years and older adults in middle live four), there are still some personal circumstances in which a younger person can die: accidents, critical illness, pregnancy complications or diseases like cancer, for example.

Those who do purchase life insurance while they’re healthy will pay less since their risk of dying is lower when compared with someone who has already had an illness such as diabetes or heart disease.

You Don't Have Children

You Don’t Have Children

If you don’t have children, then life insurance may not seem like a necessity.

But if something were to happen and your spouse couldn’t work for any reason – whether it be because they died or became disabled – then the financial burden could become too much to bear.

You see:

In this case, having some form of extra protection would provide some degree of relief from worry about money problems outside of one’s control.

You Already Have to Cover Through Your Work

You Already Have to Cover Through Your Work

If you already have life insurance through your employer, then congratulations! You are one of the lucky few. However, it’s important to point out that this coverage is limited and may not be sufficient for all needs.

You Already Have to Cover Through Your Work

You Already Have A Policy as the Primary Earner.

The primary earner in a household may be the only one insured under their workplace life insurance plan. But what if that person was to die? In this case, there would be no coverage for family members and loved ones left behind.

You Don't Know Which Type You Need

You Don’t Know Which Type You Need.

Purchasing life insurance is not as simple as picking a policy term and hoping for the best. There are many types of life insurance to choose from, each with its options that may or may not match your needs:

Let’s have a closer look,

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Permanent Whole Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Policies

It’s important to know which type you need before making any hasty decisions about buying an insurance plan.


If you don’t have enough information right now, take some time to research what would be appropriate for your situation, talk to a financial adviser and seek impartial money advice.

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In conclusion

Life insurance is not just for high earners. Protecting loved ones and heirs from the financial hardship of losing a breadwinner should be at the top of everyone’s list.

It serves as an essential safety net when unexpected events occur, such as death or an accident.

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