What's Estate Planning?

Estate Planning Made Simple: What You Must Know

Are You Wondering What's Estate Planning & Why's It Essential? We'll Share the Ins & Outs & Show You How It Can Impact Your Family's Future.

What's Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning

What’s Estate Planning?

Estate planning is something important to look at as you enter the later years of your life. It allows you to protect your assets for those nearest and dearest to you once you are gone.

You’re in a never ending battle

When you make sure your estate planning is in place; you can also help to avoid or reduce any inheritance tax you might have to pay.

Benefits of planning your estate well include a rock-solid will, ensuring your wishes will be laid out, your funeral wishes, and understanding your financial position. 

Understanding Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax Level

When you die, the inheritance tax will be calculated against the value of the assets you leave behind over the amount of £350 000.  These include your investments, assets, and property.

Inheritance Tax Rates

The rate for inheritance tax is at 40%. Concessions are available but don’t rely on them.

Map Out Your Future

Map Out Your Future

It’s essential to work out your estate planning needs as soon as possible to protect your assets from inheritance tax.

You see:

It will help to protect your assets for your loved ones.

Estate Planning Explained

When you plan your estate, you are putting together a detailed outline of how you would like your estate looked after when you die. It also helps to look after your loved ones and will help to avoid inheritance tax. If you do not carefully plan your estate well, your relatives will be left with nothing.

The Importance of Trusts and Estate Planning

Having a trust or will ensures that your family will be well looked after. It’s imperative to think about these things early on before it’s too late. It also ensures they will be protected from inheritance tax, and ensures your final wishes will be respected.

Checklist for Wills and Estate Planning

Checklist for Wills and Estate Planning

Let’s have a closer look

Your will and estate planning require the following:

  • You need to write a will, assign an executor, and make sure your loved ones know of it.
  • Have a detailed list of your assets and debts, this should include property, assets, and any savings you might have.
  • Plan and set out any cash gifts you plan to give to guard against inheritance tax1.
  • Make sure you budget for funeral expenses and let your family know your final requests.

Ways to Avoid Inheritance Tax

There are various ways that you can avoid inheritance tax. Here are some of them:

  • Give a gift to family or friends. You can give cash gifts up to £3000 a year. Some gifts are exempt from tax entirely, and these include gifts between spouses or partners, donations to universities or charities, and gifts donated over seven years before you die.
  • Trust funds are fully protected against inheritance tax, and they can be set up anytime. They are also the perfect vehicles to protect your finances for your children if they are not financially dependent yet. It will also secure your life insurance through a trust fund.
  • Wise spending. Live within your means, and you will be able to save for future expenses.
  • Budget for essential costs. Save some money for emergencies such as your home mortgage or emergency home repairs, car repairs, or medical emergencies.
  • Your inheritance tax level can increase to £650 000 if you’re married or living with a partner.
Estate Planning Advice is Essential

Estate Planning Advice is Essential

Remember this:

Sitting down with an independent financial advisor can help you to look at the best options for your estate planning needs. You can also get an exact look at your financial status and your assets. An estate planning lawyer can also help you best plan on ways to avoid inheritance tax.

Plan carefully With Estate Planning

It’s important not to give everything away when you look at your estate planning2. Make sure you keep some income for any surprises such as emergency expenses. If you have a medical condition and need future medical expenditure, make sure to budget for these.

Common Questions

What Are The Benefits of Estate Planning?

When Should I Start to Think About Estate Planning?

Are there Any Risks Associated With Estate Planning?

Why is Estate Planning Important?

In conclusion

That was just the beginning,

Estate planning is something we all have to do. It’s essential to look at your financial affairs and carefully plan out how you want your assets to be distributed when you die. Estate planning can help you to avoid paying inheritance tax and make sure your beneficiaries are well looked after.

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