What Does Deferred Pension Mean?

The Facts & Answers of Deferred Pension

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Now, let’s answer the question on everyone’s mind: “What Does Deferred Pension Mean?” It’s a pension that you only take until much later in your life. If you wait longer before cashing in your savings, your potential retirement income could be higher.

You can boost your savings by delaying taking your pension. This can ensure a comfortable retirement. It’s very straightforward to defer your State Pension. However, check with your pension provider or workplace pension provider for more information.

How to Defer Your Pension and Workplace Pension

Currently, it’s possible to withdraw money from your personal or workplace pensions1 when you’re 55 or older. Alternatively, you can put it off until you’re 60, or withdraw your pension with your State Pension. If you do this, you have to defer your retirement.

Most of the modern workplace and personal pensions out there are defined contribution pensions. Meaning their value is based on the amount you pay into your pension and the performance of your investments. When deferring a defined contribution pension, your savings might potentially grow continually. How? By your money being invested for a more extended period.

When deferring your, you can either continue or stop paying money into your pension. If you choose to continue, you’ll also receive tax relief on your payment until you turn 75, or up to £40,000 annually (for the financial year of 2020/21). Your employer should continue paying you is you’re settling into your pension, and you meet the Auto-Enrolment criteria.

You might have a defined benefit or ‘final salary’ pension. If that’s you, check whether or not deferring your pension will stop any income guarantees or services you might get. For example, a guaranteed annuity rate or lump-sum payment when you retire. This pension type isn’t directly linked to your investment’s performance. Therefore, it isn’t likely that you’ll end up with a higher pension income if you defer your defined benefit pension.

Different pension plans and pension providers will have other deadlines and ruled if you want to defer your pension. Some ask additional fees. It’ll be worth your while to contact your pension plan administrator. Find out more information long before you retire. Then you’ll have enough time to do all the steps correctly.

Deferring State Pension Explained

The State Pension age is 66 for men and women in the UK. Even though you won’t have access to it, you may delay it, or in other words, defer it. If you choose to do so, you’ll receive a more considerable income. The amount you would’ve gotten is based on this income, plus you’ll get interested as well. If you delay your State Pension, you could cash in a lump sum, depending on your age.

  • What was the State Pension age before the 6th of April 2016?

When you defer your State Pension, then every 5 weeks you’ll receive an increased amount. The increase is roughly1%, and a total of 10.4% annually. If you eligible for the Basic State Pension and you choose to defer it for a year, your amount will grow from £129.20 to £142.64 a week (2019/20). If you’re delaying for more than a year, you could be eligible for a lump-sum payment.

  • What was the State Pension age after the 6th of April 2016?

For every 9 weeks of deferring your State Pension2, the amount will grow roughly 1% or 5.8% annually. For example, deferring your State Pension for a year, your amount will grow per week (£175.20 to £185.32). If you’re 66 since the 6th of April 2016, you aren’t eligible for a lump-sum payment.

For you to be eligible for the new State Pension, you’ll have to pay National Insurance Contributions (payments have had to happen for a minimum of 10 years). And if you want your full pension, you’ll have to pay National Insurance Contributions for35 years. All this information can be seen online as well. And lastly, if you defer your pension, it’ll be suitable for your contribution record if you haven’t paid enough National Insurance.

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When you delay your pension or defer your pension, there are some benefits you’ll receive! Not bad, hey? It could grow your pension and save you money in the long haul.

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