Taking Control of Your Estate Planning

Be in Control of Your Estate Planning

This article will help you to understand why you need to be in control of your estate planning solutions & provide you some tips to ensure that you have control over your estate planning.
Taking Control of Your Estate Planning

How to Control Your Estate Planning

Before you work out how your executor will handle your estate before you die, you need to make sure your property and assets go to the right people or charities. If you don’t, your property and assets could end up going into your inheritance tax1.

We’ll provide you with tips to make sure that you have the control over your estate planning.

Here’s the step-by-step process

Start With Yourself

Start With Yourself

Look after yourself first. Balance your needs and family needs carefully. Ensure you plan for your day to day living expenses and factor in emergency expenses.

You see

The last thing you want is to run out of money when you desperately need it. With careful planning, you can ensure your needs, and the needs of your family will be looked after. 

Use Your Wealth or Give It Away

Use Your Wealth or Give It Away

As you reach retirement age, you will eventually start to spend some of your money. You generally spend it on necessary expenses or for emergencies. As people get to retirement age, they tend to spend less of their retirement income2.


Plan how your estate will be distributed, or you may find your assets going to the wrong institutions. The result being your family is left out in the cold due to lousy estate planning.

Plan and Budget

Plan and Budget

Make sure you plan where you want your money to go when you die. The best vehicles for this are wills or a trust for your family. That way, the financial needs of your loved ones will be looked after.

Be in Control

Be in Control

Make sure you do the following:

  • Have a will made up and keep it updated regularly.
  • Make sure your executor knows where your will is.
  • Keep your will in a secure location.

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In Conclusion

In short

Taking control of your estate planning is something essential that we all have to do. It’s essential to be in control of your financial affairs and carefully plan out how you want your assets to be distributed when you die. Estate planning can help you to avoid paying inheritance tax and make sure your beneficiaries are well looked after.


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