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    How Do Reverse Mortgage Loan Calculators Work?

    Reverse mortgage loan calculators work by inputting your property value, address, and age.

    It then applies algorithms and estimates how much equity you can release from your home through a reverse mortgage. 

    It should be quick and easy to use with no need for your personal information to be submitted or for you to be contacted.

    What a Reverse Mortgage Calculator Should Provide

    A reverse mortgage calculator should provide you with details about your eligibility for a reverse mortgage.

    It needs to present how much cash could be available to you whilst considering your current mortgage balance.

    You must also be provided with available payment options, including interest rate information and the sum of all closing costs.

    Eligibility, Available Loan Amounts & Mortgage Balance

    A genuinely reliable reverse mortgage calculator needs to provide you with all the available options you can choose from. 

    It should include information about each reverse mortgage option’s eligibility criteria and if you meet them.

    Each alternative presented for you to consider should provide a breakdown of the loan amount available to you whilst your mortgage balance owing is taken into account.

    Available Payment Options 

    Available payment options need to be presented to you in an easy-to-understand format that allows you to compare plans and then make an informed decision.

    Interest Rates 

    All interest rates available to you need to be presented and include fixed-rate and flexible rate details.

    Sum of All Closing Costs 

    A good reverse mortgage calculator needs to include all the closing costs related to taking up an offer.

    Closing costs include all fees associated with arranging the mortgages, home valuation fees, solicitor’s fees1, and possible adviser charges.

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    How to Calculate Reverse Mortgage Amount

    To calculate the reverse mortgage2 amount, you need to use our quick and easy calculator to get an accurate estimate. 

    As a general rule, you can release about 60% of your home’s market value in cash with a reverse mortgage. 

    You’ll also need to factor in approximately 5% of the 60% to cover closing fees.

    Benefits of Using Our Reverse Mortgage Calculator

    The benefits of using a reverse mortgage calculator are that you’ll get an accurate estimate of how much equity you can release from your home before you consider applying.

    A good calculator should tell you if you’re eligible for a reverse mortgage and what the options available to you entail.

    It’ll give you an idea of more or less what the interest rates offered to you could be.

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    In Conclusion

    A reverse mortgage is an excellent tool to assist you in funding your retirement needs. 

    Why not arm yourself with invaluable information by using our reverse mortgage calculator and start the process towards a more comfortable retirement today?

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