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The new rule – which sees a ‘main residence’ nil rate band gradually added on top of the existing threshold – means fewer families are likely be liable for IHT. But scenarios such as the expected rise in house prices mean the new allowance may not be enough.

Every year, more and more of us stop dreaming about leaving the UK behind and turn it into a reality. There are now over a million retired British people living overseas and this is forecast to rocket to 5 million by 2020.

Many people have held the dream of living overseas for much of their working life and as they approach retirement, with the right investment advice and proper pension planning, they can realise their dream of expatriate living.

if you’ve just discovered a hidden treasure with a rock-bottom price tag, refrain from whooping for joy for a moment. You still need to unearth the hidden extras. 

We may all grumble about the cost of moving house in the UK, but in other parts of the world the route to home ownership can be equally, if not more, treacherous.

“Retirement is a time to enjoy the things you never could before.”

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