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Retirement Planning Mistakes

Top 16 Home Reversion & Retirement Mortgage Providers

Here we’ve listed our best Home Reversion providers: #01. Bridgewater This company is one of the more prominent companies within the Retirement Bridge Group that manages more than 4500 reversion plans in the UK. Bridgewater was created in 1912, and they’re regulated by the FCA 1(or the Financial Conduct Authority) and the ERC2 (Equity Release

Equity Release Costs Explained

Equity Release Costs Explained

Working Out The Exact Cost Of Equity Release Just as a regular mortgage has costs related to initiation and maintenance, so does equity release. If you’re considering all your available options, you’ll need to know the price of equity release to be able to weigh your options efficiently. Now, you might be wondering: How Expensive

Equity Release Companies to Avoid

Equity Release Companies to Avoid

Avoid becoming a fraud statistic by using a trusted equity release plan provider! Over 16,500 UK retirees released equity from their homes in 2021. If you’re looking to join them, you must ensure that you know which equity release firms are on top and those to avoid. We’ll guide you in discovering: The signs that

What’s Inheritance Tax

Understanding Equity Release and Inheritance Tax

Think about this for a moment: What happens if you die before you have paid off the loan? That’s where inheritance tax comes in. We’ll find out more about this, as well as some other viable options available to retirees. What Is Equity Release? An equity release is a financial arrangement that allows an individual

Equity Release Pitfalls

Is Equity Release Immune To Pitfalls?

Financial products usually have their downfalls – even if you have all economic freedom. There will always be risks and disadvantages that you need to be aware of. If you’re considering the pitfalls of equity release, read on! The Seven Pitfalls We’ve put together a list of pitfalls for your peace of mind. 1. ‘Rolled

Is Equity Release the Next Best Thing

Enter The World Of Equity Release

If you’ve recently retired or are aiming to do so in the next few years, you may be short on the cash you need to make your dream retirement a reality. From kitchen and bathroom upgrades to family commitments and holidays, equity release can deliver the cold-hard-cash you need to make things happen. What Exactly Is