Register a Lasting Power of Attorney

Do You Need to Register a Lasting Power of Attorney?

It's easy to assume that the world will continue to turn without you. But life is unpredictable, and it can be difficult for people who are close to you in your life when something happens. A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a document that allows someone else to advance decisions on behalf of the person who signed this document if they become unable or unwilling to do so themselves. You may want one because it gives peace of mind knowing that should anything happen, someone will have access and act on your behalf.

Whats A Power of Attorney

Reasons Why You Need to Register a Lasting Power of Attorney: Steps and Benefits

How to Register a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Registering a Lasting Power of Attorney is not a complex process. 

Simply put:

  • Follow the steps by following an LPA form
  • Inform your partner that they are now in control of your affairs, and make sure you discuss any sensitive issues with them beforehand if possible.

The steps in an LPA form are as follows:

  • Decide if you want to appoint one or two people as your attorney
  • Set out what type of things they can do for you
  • Consider whether it is better to give the power over all aspects of looking after your finances, health and personal welfare decisions or just some of them. Or perhaps a checklist where different tasks are done in turn by other attorneys?

Benefits of Registering a Lasting Power of Attorney:

You can avoid a lengthy court case over who has decision-making rights for you. There is no need to go through costly legal proceedings which could last years – it also avoids the possibility of being placed under guardianship or having to give up financial independence indefinitely

The key benefits of registering an LPA include ensuring peace of mind knowing someone will be able to take care of important financial decisions or care decisions on your behalf (e.g., selling children’s home) when needed. Another benefit is that there are no restrictions on who can act as your attorney. It’s not limited to family members or next of kin.

Registration Timescales

Registering an LPA is quick and easy. It takes less than 15 minutes to do online – you can also make one at your bank if you go in person

You see:

The process of registering a lasting power of attorney only takes around 15 minutes, so it should not take up much time or effort on behalf of the individual. A lot goes into making sure that any instructions are clear for their attorney to follow when they need them; this means going over documents with an experienced solicitor, which may require more time during registration but will ensure things work smoothly later down the line.

Application to Register A Lasting Power of Attorney

The application to register a power of attorney is made as soon as you decide what type of Power of Attorney you want. It doesn’t need any supporting documents and only takes around five minutes to complete. However, it can be extended until midnight on the day before your birthday if there are plans for something like a holiday or business trip in between this temporary period.

How to do Online Registration?

The first step is signing up1 for an account. This creates an arrangement where all information needed for registration is stored. You will need to upload your photo ID, passport, or driver’s license and a recent utility bill; this proves you are the person registering the power of attorney in case there are any disputes later on.

With these two steps done, it’s just a matter of completing all other questions and uploading scanned copies of supporting documents such as a will, marriage certificate, and birth certificates.

Notifying People of Registration

To make your power of attorney official, you need to notify people and institutions affected by the legal document. This includes banks, insurance companies, and any other organizations where money is being held.

If the person has a carer or someone else who will be taking over financial responsibility for them if they can’t do it themselves, then this should be communicated with those parties as well.

As if that’s not enough,

There need to be at least two witnesses (who don’t profit from the transaction) present when signing up online, which makes registration complete; these could include family members such as parents or siblings but does not have contact details on file – so make sure someone’s around! You should think about including their contact details on your registration standard form and making sure you have their contact details on your phone or a spreadsheet.

How Much Is It to Register A Lasting Power of Attorney?

There’s no cost to make the Lasting Power of Attorney. It is not an expensive process.

The registered person must pay the registration fee (currently £12) when they register their LPA online, which is undertaken via a secure website with completion taking up to five minutes. This includes all communication and processing fees – there are no other charges involved, so once complete, you’ll have your power of attorney for life! Here you can see the current costs and fees.2

Fee Exemption

The document does not incur any fees if the person is entitled to receive one of these grants:

  • Personal independence payment;
  • Attendance allowance;
  • Disability living allowance and those in Scotland: Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Attendance Allowances.

Fee Remission

If the donor is on a low income, receiving state benefits, or has low capital and savings, they may qualify for a reduced fee.

Here’s why:

In some cases, if there’s a good chance the donor will need to apply for state benefits or care home fees, then it would be advisable to remit part of your fee.

The donor should also consider whether they have any assets that could be sold to cover their cost – this may not seem very important now, but when your illness dictates that you can no longer work, it could be the difference between having to sell your house or not.

Application to The Court


If you’re remitting your fee, it will need to be approved by the Court.

We can apply for a Fee Remission or Reduced Fee, but this does not guarantee success.

You should also know that if you grant power of attorney whilst under the undue influence (i.e. pressure from someone else), it may be canceled at any time and must be registered with the Court within 14 days of making it – otherwise known as ‘taking out insurance’.

Common Questions

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In Conclusion

Registering an enduring power of attorney could be just one more step in ensuring that you or someone else who will take care if something should happen to occur can still manage finances without having to worry about whether it needs registering or not; this ensures any assets on hand are protected from fraudsters and thieves too as well as being able to access anything they need.

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