Private Medical Insurance Guide

Private Medical Insurance: How it Works

Private medical insurance is a type of coverage that provides you with wide range of benefits such as dental treatment, optical & prescription drug coverage. You can choose from these add-ons or purchase them separately. Private medical insurance can be helpful for those who need more benefits than the basic policy offers, but it does come at an increased cost. In this article we will discuss private medical insurance in depth so to help you understand its purpose & decide if it’s right for you!
Private Medical Insurance

Private medical insurance is a type of health insurance that is not sponsored by the government. There are many different private companies that offer this type of coverage, and each has its own set of benefits to choose from. The best way to decide which company you want to buy from is by comparing what they have to offer against your personal needs and preferences.

What Is Private Medical Insurance?

Private medical insurance includes extra provisions like dental cover, eye exams, and even prescriptions drugs which are not included in a typical healthcare plan (basic).

You see:

These extras may be beneficial to someone who has extensive needs when it comes to their oral health, vision, or general medicine regimen. It’s important to note private plans often have higher monthly premiums because they provide greater protection against major financial losses.

Some people might not be interested in purchasing private medical insurance because they’re on a fixed income and cannot afford it.

However, there are still benefits to this type of coverage that may tempt you into buying one.

The most common benefit is that medical treatment for dental insurance can sometimes cost an arm and a leg without proper health care or even have high deductibles for certain procedures like root canals.


With your own private plan, you won’t need to worry about these expenses! It’s also important to mention having more than just a basic plan will help protect against financial losses if something were to happen as well such as injury or illness while receiving treatment from another insurance provider.

What Is the Purpose of These Policies?

The purpose of these policies is to provide a service that many individuals may need but cannot afford or do not want to pay for.

Simply put:

One of the best ways you can protect your financial interests and health is through private medical insurance. Without this coverage, you might be in a situation where the surgery will cost more than what you could ever hope to save up on time!

This type of plan can also help those who already have major illnesses such as cancer which often require frequent visits with specialists.

You can either purchase this insurance by itself or enroll in a group plan that includes it. If you’re purchasing on your own, then the first step is to find out what plans are available and how much they cost. You might need to shop around for different prices at multiple companies so as to get the best deal!

After doing some research, you’ll need to decide if any of these benefits will be worth paying more in premiums each month (or year). Keep in mind not having coverage for things like dental work could end up costing thousands over time which would really make private health care seem affordable.

Private medical insurance may also help with serious financial loss such as accidents while receiving treatment from another provider who doesn’t have their own policy.

What Does It Cover?

The level of cover is designed to help with some expenses that a basic healthcare plan doesn’t cover. A few examples are dental, optical, and prescription drug coverage which can be purchased separately or in one comprehensive package.

Let me tell you something,

Private health insurance also provides extra protection against financial loss should you need expensive medical care such as surgery while receiving treatment from another provider who doesn’t have their own policy.

What Is Not Covered?

This type of insurance doesn’t cover everything you might think it does. It’s important to know what is not covered so that you can make an informed decision about purchasing a plan!

Some examples are pregnancy, maternity, and mental health care which may be excluded from some plans while others will have higher premiums for these types of services.

What Types Are Available?

There are two types of private health insurance coverage to choose from, individual policy and group policy.


Individual cover may be more affordable but they don’t provide any protection if you become seriously ill or injured while receiving treatment outside of your provider’s office (i.e: private hospital). Group plans will offer this type of coverage as well as a lot of other benefits.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of private medical insurance will depend on the plan you choose as well as your age.

A few examples would be health maintenance organization (HMO1) which provides limited coverage but is often cheaper than a preferred provider organization (PPO2).

A PPO plan offers more benefits and usually has a higher annual premium £350-£500 for an individual or group coverage, to around £700-£1500 a month individually. The price can vary depending on what type and level of protection you want – it’s important to look into each type before making a decision.

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In conclusion

In short,

Private medical insurance is beneficial for people who need additional benefits than what a typical healthcare plan offers. It’s important to research your options before deciding on one so that you can make an informed purchase decision!


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