Power of Attorney Cost & Fees

Understanding Power of Attorney Cost & Fees

It is never too early to begin planning for Power of Attorney, and it’s important to find the right solicitor for your needs. It can be a confusing process if you don’t know where to start looking. This post will give you some pointers on how to reduce costs and find the right solicitor for your Power of Attorney needs.
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What Does the Ordinary Power of Attorney Cost?

In case you’re asking yourself,

The application fees are £30. the yearly renewal fee is £25 per year.

The typical hourly fee for Power of Attorney advice and drafting is around £150-200 per hour. This differs depending on the complexity of your situation, how quickly you want to proceed, and whether or not there are additional will provisions that need to be made with a solicitor before they can grant power of attorney. There may be other travel fees or translation fees. For example, if someone needs to be paid for the duration of time, they are hindered or need to assist with managing a tenant’s affairs.

But wait, let me tell you something

There is a flat-rate charge of £150 + VAT to prepare and register an ordinary power of attorney document, plus any applicable court fees if granted by the Court. In addition, there may be solicitor’s costs depending on your situation – such as drafting or amending arrangements before granting them, witnessing the signing, etcetera – which will depend upon individual circumstances.

Therefore, a fixed cost cannot be given without knowing these details, and our solicitors can advise you accordingly when appropriate during initial inquiries. The same applies to the costs of making a grant or revocation by will.

Charging by time spent drafting documents or based on an hourly rate: £150-£200 per hour; Minimum charge/fee: £300+; Low estimate: £400. This can be calculated using online rate calculators.

How to Reduce Your Costs?

Reduce the need for Power of Attorney by making an Enduring Power of Attorney. This is a power which you grant to someone else, usually in your life when you can still look after your interests so that they can act on your behalf should it be necessary at some future date (when you might not be capable). You may also consider making a Will and naming this person as one or more Executors.

Consider other Powers like Mental Capacity Act 20051 Public Guardian & Trustee Designation Order; Solicitor’s declaration: £30; Witnesses Declaration: £15; Administration Fee if granted by Court: £500+ (this will depend upon individual circumstances); Independent Medical Report/O pinion: £200-£1000

No wonder,

The Power of Attorney cost is different, but one way to reduce costs while retaining a solicitor would be to only apply for Power of Attorney and not mental capacity or Public Guardian. It should also be noted that some solicitors charge more than others. The Enduring Power of Attorney will last until your death when it automatically expires unless you revoke it in writing before then.

It may take time for someone with dementia to get worse enough to need an attorney, so if they don’t have financial assets yet, there’s no urgency. Plus, power might expire during the waiting period due to illness & other reasons. To charge fee agreements, you will need to work out for yourself what is the best option.

There are many factors that can affect how much work is involved in the Power of Attorney case. The solicitor will need to check the client’s assets, liabilities, and legal documents to see if they are Power of Attorney eligible.

What Does Power of Attorney Covers? 

A Power of Attorney in the UK covers a person’s capacity to make financial decisions, health care decisions. For instance, if their doctor says they need immediate surgery, but they’re not legally able to sign consent forms, then someone else can do it for them with power of attorney.


The Enduring Power of Attorney will last until your death when it automatically expires unless you revoke it in writing before then. It may take time for someone with dementia to get worse enough to need an attorney, so if they don’t have financial assets yet there’s no urgency.

It is essential that one chooses carefully and looks up what each solicitor does as some solicitors charge more than others.

What Makes a Power of Attorney Valid?

It is the signature of both parties, which two persons must witness. The power is usually held jointly and indefinitely between spouses or civil partners but can also be explicitly granted to one spouse or civil partner alone.

Generally speaking, a power-of-attorney lasts as long as the person who gives the legal authority would want his affairs controlled after he becomes unable to manage them due to illness, injury, age, etc.

What Are the Types of Lasting Power of Attorney?

Let me show you,

• General power of attorney

• Financial and property affairs power of attorney

• health and welfare power of attorney.

Other types will be discussed later in the article, but these three we cover the most common ones. The legal documents for Power of Attorney can vary from one jurisdiction to another, so you must get help from a solicitor familiar with your local area law because they’ll know what information needs to go into each document. You should also take care when drafting up any Power of Attorney forms as there may be certain words or phrases that need clarification such as ‘only’, which could mean not just someone else but also themselves meaning both people have equal rights over decisions made on behalf of the person who has appointed them.

What Happens If I Don’t Secure My Power of Attorney?

If you don’t have a Power of Attorney in place, it will be up to the Court when and what decisions are made on your behalf. If something happens where you can no longer make these decisions for yourself, then third parties may need to step in, whether they’re family members or judges assigned by law.

That means that without a power of attorney, someone else could get decision-making powers over all aspects of your life, which would mean they take responsibility for things such as managing any finances, renting out a property, etcetera.

Creating Your Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a way to appoint someone else to make decisions on your behalf if you lose mental capacity.

It’s not just about health, as the average person with power can also be given responsibility for finances or property ownership, etcetera.

Where to Register for the Lasting Power of Attorney?

To make a Power of Attorney, you need to register the document with your local District Registry office. You can’t sign one in advance for when something might happen, so you’ll have to do it at the time and in person. In some cases, if someone has already lost mental capacity, they may be able to appoint their power of attorney without having that role taken away from them by a Court Order.

The cost depends on what type of power is being granted, medical power or health care power, but as an example, if I were appointing myself then there’s no legal fee.

How to Speak to Relatives about This Topic? 

This can be tricky for some, especially when their relatives are defensive and misunderstand the true aim of a lasting power of attorney agreement.

It’s important to remember that this is about the future, making it difficult for people to think ahead. But if you could imagine sitting in a hospital bed unable to speak or move, wouldn’t you want someone close by who had your best interests at heart? especially if you or a relative are elderly or are diagnosed with mental illnesses or dementia2

Many lawyers will offer an initial consultation free of charge. Why not make an appointment with one now? The further we get into, the more isolated older adults are becoming.

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In Conclusion

In short,

The Power of Attorney cost is dependent on the type and size of the document required. The more complicated a power of attorney, the higher it will be priced. However, there are many ways to reduce this cost if you’re looking for a law firm in your area that offers discounts or free initial consultations.

When choosing an attorney, it’s important not only to consider their pricing but also the services they offer and their experience.


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