PlusOneCoin gets listing on CoinMarketCap

Blockchain-based cryptocurrency PlusOneCoin has been quickly adopted by the 35 million users of the ADVFN and InvestorsHub websites.

“We are delighted to be listed on a site as dominant in the crypto world as CoinMarketCap. This makes PLUS1 more accessible to an even wider audience.”

plusonecoin gets listing on coinmarketcap

PlusOneCoin gets listing on CoinMarketCap

PlusOneCoin from Online Blockchain plc (LSE:OBC) is now listed on cryptocurrency market cap rankings giant CoinMarketCap.

Blockchain-based cryptocurrency PlusOneCoin has been quickly adopted by the 35 million users of the ADVFN and InvestorsHub websites. The coin is mineable and can be traded on the TradeSatoshi and CryptoBridgeexchanges.

PlusOneCoin (PLUS1) enables authors and platform owners to monetize their social media content and sites. Owners of the cryptocurrency can spend it to ‘+1’ (up-vote) content they like – such as bulletin board posts – thereby rewarding the creator with PLUS1 and promoting and highlighting that content to a wider audience. Most PLUS1 goes to the author, encouraging them to create further high-quality content. The remainder goes to the site enabling the publisher to enhance and support the community. In the future PlusOneCoin could be integrated into more mainstream social media websites and applications.

One PLUS1 coin can currently be purchased for $0.060487 or 0.00000941 BTC. The CoinMarketCap PLUS1 listing can be found here:

As well as being available to purchase on two exchanges, PLUS1 can also be obtained for free with ADVFN’s Faucet.

“PlusOneCoin is already gaining traction fast; it can be purchased on two exchanges and will shortly be available on a third,” said Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain plc. “We are delighted to be listed on a site as dominant in the crypto world as CoinMarketCap. This makes PLUS1 more accessible to an even wider audience.”

PlusOneCoin & Equity Release

What Is Equity Release?

Equity release is the use of financial arrangements that provide the owner of a house, or other property, with funds derived from the value of the property while enabling them to continue using it.

How Does Equity Release Work?

Equity release is aimed at homeowners aged 55 and over. It allows you to take some of the value of your home as cash.

Purchasing Equity Release using Blockchain or Cryptocurrency

While you can’t use the cryptocurrency itself as a mortgage deposit, it’s possible to use profits from it to fund your deposit. You’d need to sell the currency and produce a document trail of its acquisition and sale to have any chance of finding a mortgage lender who is willing to accept this capital. And even then it’s difficult as the number of approachable lenders is slim.

Many mortgage providers will turn you away outright if your mortgage deposit is made up of Bitcoin profits, since they’ll be wary of funds that aren’t fully traceable. There are, however, around a dozen UK lenders who consider Bitcoin mortgage deposits.

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