What's the Pensions Advisory Service?

Pensions Advisory Service: What Does It Offer

Pensions Advisory Service is a company that offers to support people in the UK who have private or personal pensions. They provide consultancy services & advice for those who are looking to access private pension schemes. The service also offers help with accessing state benefits, has an online calculator, & details how much tax relief you can claim on your contributions. I will list some reasons why people might want this service, give examples of what they do, & explain what it costs so you can decide if it’s right for you.
What's the Pensions Advisory Service

Using the Pensions Advisory Service Website

You can set up a personal account and answer questions about your financial situation. This will help the service give advice, guidance, and practical information relevant to you.

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Yes, they offer free consultations where they ask all sorts of questions to know what sort of support would be most beneficial to their clients individual needs.

They also have an online calculator for determining how much tax relief you might qualify for if you pay into a private or occupational pension scheme – this can make it easier to decide whether such schemes are suitable for people who don’t need state benefits just yet but want some more security in retirement than other options to provide them with.

Who Do They Help

Who Do They Help?

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The service is designed for people of all ages, regardless of their circumstances. Suppose you’re not yet in a position to be able to afford the sort of investment that would provide security and independence when it comes to your retirement choice. In that case, these consultations might help make informed decisions about how best to plan – you’ll find out what choices are available and whether they suit your needs.

Other services offered by the Pensions Advisory Service

Other services offered by the Pensions Advisory Service

The service offers advice and guidance on the types of pensions1 pensions available to you, from stakeholder schemes to personal plans.


If required, they can offer a full consultation with an independent financial adviser so that you have all relevant information when it comes time for making your decision about what pension might suit you best. This will include a discussion around any other sort of investments, not just those related purely to retirement savings.

The Pensions Advisory Service can also provide people who are still in employment with valuable input into how they could approach their annual salary negotiations both now and in the future by getting some expert help on what’s possible. They will consider anything that has been recommended during previous salary negotiations and the current economic climate.

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They can also help deal with any queries explicitly related to a company pension scheme2. For somebody who is already retired, they provide an array of options that could include drawing cash from their fund, taking out a type of annuity, or even transferring it elsewhere.

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The Pension Protection Fund is a government-backed lifeboat for the countries most at risk pensions. It was created in response to the 1994 UK pension crisis and has been used to save more than 25 schemes. In 2008 it helped rescue one of Britain’s largest companies, BAE Systems, by providing emergency funding worth £400 million.


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