Offshore Bonds

Offshore bonds are a great investment opportunity as they offer a variety of investment opportunities to all types of investors. Offshore bonds can be used by the average investor who is simply looking to diversify their investment portfolio or it can be used by an older investor who is looking to increase their retirement fund.

Tax Deferred

An offshore bond1  is what financial advisers refer to as a tax efficient wrapper. The reason that they are considered to be so efficient is because investors can defer any taxes owed on them, as well as pushing back some of the chargeable events until a more suitable time. Chargeable events would be a withdrawal that is more than the 5% allowance, the death of the last person whose life is assured on a life policy, and the maturity or surrender of the offshore bond. What allows investor to defer the taxes is that these bonds are not income producing, so there’s nothing to report to their home country until there’s a chargeable event.

Changed With No Charge

Something else that allows an offshore bond to stand out from other types of investments is that you can change the funds inside of the offshore bond as often as you like without incurring any kind of charge. The perfect example of this is switching the bond into cash if the market becomes unstable. Not to mention you can also move the investment funds around as new opportunities present themselves without incurring any penalties on the original funds.

Withdrawals Can Be Made With No Tax Liability

The majority of the investments charge taxes2  on any money that is withdrawn from them, some even charge you penalties for withdrawing money before a specified time. An offshore bond allows an individual to withdraw up to 5% of the total premiums paid each year without having to pay any taxes on the amount withdrawn. Additionally, the percentage allowed to be withdrawn is cumulative, so any percentage left over in one year is automatically added to the next year. Because this money is considered a return of capital it’s not counted as income, so it does not need to be declared on personal tax forms. However, once an individual withdraws 100% of the premiums paid, which usually takes about 20 years to do so, any amount taken out after that is considered taxable. If an individual needs more than the 5% allowed all they need to do is surrender the appropriate number of segments, but tax will have to be paid on what is known as a chargeable gain.

If you have any questions about the benefits of offshore bonds or why they make such a great investment contact our office today. Our reputable financial advisers will be glad to answer all of your questions and help you start your investment portfolio today.

Offshore Agencies

Setting up a trust with the help of professional offshore agencies3  will ensure that all legal procedures are handled properly. Setting up an offshore trust will help avoid issues such as financial litigations that could possibly happen when you deal with lawsuits and creditors.

Thus, it provides utmost security for your valuable assets and provides a way to safeguard your assets for your beneficiaries. Knowing how to properly establish an offshore trust4  and finding the right service provider and jurisdiction5  will allow you to have the best asset protection that you require. Here are some of the things that you should know in forming an offshore trust.

How To Form An Offshore Trust

Offshore Agencies

The first thing that you need to do is choose a country which favours offshore accounts. You may need to conduct a thorough research or consult with expert offshore agencies regarding the most advantageous jurisdiction for your assets. Choose a country which has enacted laws to ensure efficient offshore trust transactions. Then, find yourself a reputable offshore agency that offers reliable trust services. Offshore trust service providers, although offer the same services actually differ on how they perform their duties as asset trustees. Reliability and credibility are two of the most important factors in choosing the right offshore agency that will manage your assets for you.

The next thing that you need to do in creating an offshore trust is to check with the offshore agency which documents are required and get it ready to be submitted. You will need to abide by the rules of the country in which you are putting your assets. With the aid of your chosen trustee or lawyers, you need to complete a trust document. Typically, trust documents are signed in front of a number of witnesses to ensure the validity of the trust. Make sure that the properties and the name of the beneficiaries are clearly stated in the document.

Once the ownership of the assets is properly transferred to an offshore trust account, the trustee or offshore agency gains the right to legally manage the properties and ensure that they will be given to the rightful beneficiaries at the right time. It’s important to note that the trustee acts as a custodian of the properties and does not directly benefit from them other than the fees that are collected for his services.

What They Can Do For You

The right offshore agency can help you set up an offshore trust account to safeguard your properties from unfavourable tax laws, effects of political and economic instability of the country of residence, divorce, bankruptcy and other financial litigations that may arise. A trust enables a person to create long term plans to preserve or distribute their wealth on the time specified in the trust document.

In general, offshore agencies assist in the establishment of offshore trust accounts that will allow an individual to reduce tax payments, protect assets, and ensure financial confidentiality. It could also help in resolving family matters such as forced inheritance and dealing with probate laws and estate administration.

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