Money Saving Expert Equity Release Review (Updated 2022)

Are You Considering Using Money Saving Expert to Learn About Equity Release?
Contributors: Nicola Date, Katherine Read. Edited by Rachel Wait & Reviewed by Francis Hui
Do You Want to Learn About Equity Release With Money Saving Expert? Find Out What MoneySavingExpert Has to Say About Equity Release & If They Think It’s a Good Idea? Find Out Here if Money Saving Expert Is Right for You.

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If you’re a retiree who’s looking into Money Saving Expert Equity Release, you might wonder who the best provider is.

Make sure you don’t get caught and pick an unscrupulous lender because this could potentially cost you money in the long run. 

We’re here to point you in the right direction and ensure you have all the relevant facts to choose the best provider for your needs.

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

    Our economic experts work tirelessly to bring you the most up-to-date market information about leading providers, that way, you’ve got all the facts to help you make a decision.

    Here’s what we found about MoneySavingExpert.

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    Who’s MoneySavingExpert?

    MoneySavingExpert is one of the top consumer websites in the UK, focusing on helping its users cut their costs and bills.

    It has more than 16 million visitors monthly who turn to MoneySavingExpert to find out where to find great deals, get tips to save costs and how to fight for their economic rights.

    MoneySaving Expert was founded in 2003 by Martin Lewis, a well known financial journalist, it then joined the MoneySupermarket Group in September 2012 and secured its future.

    Why Consider MoneySavingExpert?

    You can consider MoneySavingExpert because the advice it provides is reviewed by leading journalists and is trusted by millions of followers.

    Furthermore, MoneySavingExpert claims that savvy, educated users could save 25% of their income monthly by following its tips and advice.

    The site has won multiple awards, which include:

    • Most Useful Website of The Year 2003.
    • The winner of New Media at the 2005 Bradford & Bingley Personal Finance Awards.
    • 2010 Hitwise Award for best business information website.
    • Brand of the Year in 2018 from Drum Online Media Awards.

    The accolades speak for themselves and are just some of the many reasons you could consider MoneySaving Expert.

    What Services Does MoneySavingExpert Offer?

    The services that MoneySaving Expert offer is researched information about various topics to do with finances and how this can help you, the consumer, save money.

    Companies can’t buy space and advertising on MoneySaving Expert, and all the information it provides is purely due to thorough journalistic research and expert reviews.

    MoneySavingExpert is focused on consumer finances and championing economic justice for its followers.

    Does MoneySavingExpert Offer Equity Release?

    MoneySavingExpert doesn’t directly offer equity release.

    However, they review equity release and offer advice on releasing equity via its website and articles on the topic.

    What’s more, they advise you to speak to an adviser and pick a lender who are part of or approved by the Equity Release Council.

    MoneySavingExpert can give you information that could lead to you choosing a provider for equity release or deciding on a specific equity release plan.

    MoneySavingExpert’s Equity Release Schemes

    MoneySavingExpert doesn’t directly offer equity release schemes.

    They offer information on the subject of equity release.

    MoneySavingExpert’s Equity Release Scheme Features

    MoneySavingExpert doesn’t directly offer equity release.

    It can also give you valuable information about equity release through its articles and research.

    There’s also an online forum on its website that is useful for gaining other consumers’ insights into equity release and their experience with providers and advisers.

    What Are MoneySavingExpert’s Equity Release Interest Rates?

    MoneySavingExpert doesn’t have equity release interest rates as it doesn’t directly offer equity release.

    Equity release interest rates vary from 4% to 6% across the market.

    It does, however, have articles relating to equity release interest rates as well as where to get the best deals on equity release.

    What Are MoneySavingExpert’s Fees?

    MoneySavingExpert is a free consumer website, and you can sign up for its weekly email with cost-saving tips at no charge.

    Does MoneySavingExpert Have An Equity Release Calculator?

    MoneySavingExpert doesn’t have an equity release calculator on its website, but you can use our easy-to-use calculator.

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    What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages of MoneySavingExpert?

    There are advantages and disadvantages to MoneySavingExpert include that it is an independent financial website, however it isn’t a registered financial adviser.

    Let’s look at these.

    MoneySavingExpert Pros

    The pros of MoneySavinExpert are that it isn’t affiliated with any providers.

    Here’s more information.

    • MoneySavingExpert is an independent financial website and is not affiliated with any providers; thus, its articles and information are credible.
    • Its client discussion forums can assist consumers in discussing their experiences and sharing their information.
    • It’s a multi-award-winning website and prides itself on its ethics and credibility.
    • Martin Lewis, equity release expert, is the founder of the website MoneySavingExpert.

    MoneySavingExpert Cons

    The cons of MoneySaving Expert include that it doesn’t directly offer equity release.

    Here’s more information.

    • MoneySavingExpert doesn’t directly offer deals on equity release.
    • It’s not a registered financial advice entity.

    How Did We Review MoneySavingExpert?

    We review MoneySavingExpert by taking all information related to it into account, researching and unpacking the facts, and then giving the reader a reliable review.

    Our review is independent and we are in no way affiliated with MoneySavingExpert or Martin Lewis.

    MoneySavingExpert Reviews

    Here are MoneySavingExpert reviews.

    MoneySavingExpert Complaints

    To lodge a complaint with MoneySavingExpert, you can send them your complaint via email to the following email addresses:

    If you’re not satisfied with your complaint’s feedback, you can then refer it to the financial ombudsman at 

    MoneySavingExpert FCA Details

    FCA Address:  

    One Dean Street


    W1D 2EPW1D2EP

    United Kingdom

    Trading Names: 

    • Limited


    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)2

    Registration Numbers: 

    • Company registration number –  08021764 
    • Firm reference number 587302

    MoneySavingExpert Contact Number


    Common Questions

    Is MoneySavingExpert a Member of the Equity Release Council?

    Who Owns MoneySavingExpert?

    MoneySavingExpert Jobs?

    Does MoneySavingExpert Do Equity Release?

    Is MoneySavingExpert Equity Release Safe?

    In Conclusion

    If you’re considering sourcing information about equity release and want to do some market research, then MoneySavingExpert equity release is an excellent place to start.

    MoneySavingExpert runs an equity release discussion forum where consumers can share equity release info and stories.

    We always recommend that our readers seek financial advice from an accredited adviser before making any decisions.

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