Mattioli Woods SIPP: What Can You Expect?

Mattioli Woods is known for its premium SIPP services, focusing on high-net-worth individuals with bespoke investment solutions and dedicated advisory services. Their expertise in wealth management and personalized planning is noteworthy.
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Evaluate the Benefits & Drawbacks of Self-Invested Personal Pensions & Kickstart Your Retirement. Examine Mattioli Woods’ SIPP Product in this Extensive Guide.
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Key Takeaways
  • Mattioli Woods SIPP is considered a premium choice due to its flexible investment options and personalized retirement planning services.
  • Charges include an annual management fee, with additional fees for specific investments and transactions.
  • Provides tailored investment solutions through a wide range of asset classes and personalized advice based on individual goals.
  • Allows the combination of multiple pension pots into one manageable account, simplifying retirement savings.
  • Offers comprehensive support and advice, including access to financial advisors, investment guidance, and regular portfolio reviews.

If you are exploring your retirement investment options, the Mattioli Woods SIPP may have popped up in your research. 

Are you among the 21% of Britons with no private pension savings?1 

The reality is that relying on the state pension may leave you short during retirement, which is why looking into SIPPs providers (Self-Invested Personal Pensions) can be worthwhile.

In This Article, You Will Discover:

    The Every Investor team has compiled this guide to the Mattioli Woods SIPP by consulting the firm’s own publications and financial news reports.

    All our content undergoes quality and compliance checks before publication to ensure our readers have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information.  

    What Is a Mattioli Woods SIPP?

    A Mattioli Woods SIPP, also known as a Self-Invested Personal Pension, is a retirement savings vehicle that offers individuals more control and flexibility over their pension investments.

    With a Mattioli Woods SIPP, we provide access to a wide range of investment options, allowing individuals to choose from various asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and commercial property.

    Our expertise lies in offering bespoke pension solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring they can maximize their retirement savings potential while benefiting from tax advantages and investment growth opportunities.

    Mattioli Woods SIPPs stand out from traditional pension plans as they provide greater investment freedom, enabling individuals to have a say in how their retirement funds are invested.

    We pride ourselves in offering a diverse range of investment options, including alternative investments like private equity and venture capital, providing our clients with the opportunity to build a diversified and potentially more lucrative pension portfolio.

    Our team of experts guides clients through the complexities of pension planning, helping them make informed investment decisions that align with their long-term financial goals and retirement aspirations.

    The Mattioli Woods SIPP offers access to an array of investment opportunities and services.

    Key Features & Benefits

    Mattioli Woods’ SIPP provides diverse investment choices, flexible withdrawals, and strong online portfolio tools. 

    One interesting feature of this product is the fact that it allows clients to bring family members onto their SIPP to maximise their benefits and minimise costs.7

    Clients receive a dedicated consultant for financial matters, allowing them to pursue their passions, and are offered tailored wealth management solutions.8

    Costs & Charges

    Mattioli Woods SIPP comes with a few associated costs and charges.

    These include:

    • Establishment fee: £320
    • Annual admin fee: £530
    • Extra fee for multiple assets: £480/year
    • Property in SIPP: £1,090 (first) and £610 for additional
    • Non-standard investments: £1,100 (first) and £620 for additional
    • Third-party loans: £1,100 (first) and £620 for subsequent.

    What Does Mattioli Woods Do?

    Mattioli Woods is one of the UK’s leading wealth management firms.2

    The company offers financial planning and wealth management services to businesses and high-net-worth individuals, including pensions, investments, and estate planning.

    Brief History & Overview

    Founded in 1991 by Ian Mattioli and Bob Woods, the firm has grown significantly over the past three decades.3

    After getting its start in Leicester, Mattioli Woods expanded across the UK through strategic acquisitions and strong organic growth.4 

    Key Players in Mattioli Woods’ Development

    Ian Mattioli and Bob Woods played vital roles in Mattioli Woods’ growth, winning the London Stock Exchange AIM Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2006 and receiving MBEs in 2017.5

    Woods also received an honorary degree from the University of Leicester. 

    Simon Gibson, the current Chief Investment Officer, has also been instrumental in the company’s development.

    Current Market Position

    Today, Mattioli Woods enjoys a strong market position as one of the UK’s leading providers of Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs).

    The company administers over 10,000 clients and holds £12 billion in assets under management.6

    How Do You Compare Mattioli Woods’ SIPP to Competitors?

    Comparing Mattioli Woods’ SIPP to competitors is an important step when trying to find the product best suited to your needs.

    This is how Mattioli Woods’ SIPP stacks up against its competitors:

    • Its annual fee of £530 with extra charges for various assets may be higher than some other options on the market. For instance, Interactive Investor charges a monthly fee of £12,99 and is cheaper for large portfolios. 
    • The Mattioli Woods Super Investor plan is more affordable than Hargreaves Lansdown’s plan. 
    • Curtis Banks has no standard annual fee but may have extra charges, so comparing these two options will require deeper analysis based on your specific needs. 
    • Mattioli Woods offers bespoke services and investment options, plus the option to include family members in your scheme, which may account for its higher fees.

    How To Go About Investing With Mattioli Woods’ SIPP Product?

    Investing with Mattioli Woods’ SIPP product offers a comprehensive, tailored approach to retirement.

    Types of Investments Available

    Investment options include equities, bonds, funds, property, and more exotic assets.

    Flexibility & Withdrawal Options

    Withdrawals can start at 55, with options like lump sums and income drawdowns.

    Tax Implications

    As with all SIPPs, tax relief on contributions and tax-free growth is available, but withdrawals are taxable after the initial 25% lump sum.9

    Who Is Mattioli Woods’ SIPP Best Suited to?

    Mattioli Woods’s SIPP is best suited to those with investment experience who are comfortable managing their own decisions, as it is a fully self-directed pension. 

    While the firm offers information and support, the ultimate responsibility for investments lies with the user.

    How Do I Open a Mattioli Woods SIPP?

    You can open a Mattioli Woods SIPP through their website or via the mobile app.

    Who Is Eligible?

    Anyone in the UK over the age of 18 can open a Mattioli Woods SIPP.

    What Is the Minimum Investment?

    The minimum investment is £500 in a lump sum or £150 per month as a direct debit.

    What Is the Process?

    The process of opening a Mattioli Woods SIPP is paperless and you can open an account online or by using the app. 

    Here are the steps:

    1. Complete the application form.
    2. Provide personal details: name, address, and contact information.
    3. Submit financial information: current income and other assets.
    4. Upon approval, your SIPP will be established.
    5. Begin making contributions and selecting your investments.

    How Do You Navigate Mattioli Woods’ Digital Platform?

    Mattioli Woods’ digital platform is intuitive and user-friendly.

    User Interface & Experience

    Mattioli Woods has a well-designed and user-friendly digital platform that is easy to navigate and offers a wealth of information and resources.10

    Clients can access their account information, make changes to their profile, and get help from customer service all in one place. 

    The platform also has a clean and modern design that is easy on the eyes. 

    Tools & Resources Available

    Mattioli Woods offers a range of tools and resources to support their SIPP clients. 

    These include reporting capabilities, market news updates, investment research materials, and downloadable content. 

    These tools aim to assist clients in making informed decisions and effectively manage their investments within the SIPP.11

    Mobile App Review

    Mwise is Mattioli Woods’ mobile app for account opening and 24/7 investment tracking. 

    It boasts a 4,3 out of 5 star rating on the App Store, with users praising its user-friendly design and features, while some feedback indicates occasional slow performance.

    How Do You Contact Customer Service & Support?

    Customer service and support are integral components of the client experience of any successful firm. 

    Contact Channels

    Mattioli Woods has various contact channels. 

    These include:

    • Their phone number is 0116 204 7000.
    • Their email address is 
    • If you are an existing client, you can also use the secure online chat feature on the company’s website.  

    Client Reviews & Testimonials

    Mattioli Woods does not have many client reviews and testimonials.

    However, reviews from one independent review platform, SmartMoneyPeople, have rated Mattioli Woods 1,4 out of 5 (based on four reviews).12

    It should be noted that this is a very small review sample.

    What is Regulatory Compliance & Protection?

    Regulatory compliance and protection measures form a critical pillar of Mattioli Woods’ operations, ensuring client interests are safeguarded.

    FCA Regulation

    The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates Mattioli Woods, promoting transparency and security.


    • Mattioli Woods PLC’s FCA reference number: 220743.13
    • Mattioli Woods PLC’s registered Companies House number: 03140521.14

    Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) Protection

    The FSCS protects Mattioli Woods’ customers up to £85,000.15

    Data Security Measures

    Mattioli Woods has an advanced privacy policy exceeding legal standards and maintains commitments post-agreements. 

    MWise data is stored in UK/EEA tier 4 centres using AES-256 encryption, and all communications are HTTPS-secured with 256-bit encryption via TLS v1.2.16 

    How Do You Evaluate Mattioli Woods’ Place in the SIPP Market?

    Evaluating Mattioli Woods’ place in the SIPP market reveals its position as a strong contender, despite its having room for certain improvements.

    Strengths & Weaknesses

    Mattioli Woods’ SIPP offering is highly regarded for its transparent charging structure, tax relief on contributions, flexible drawdown options, and multi-member scheme.17

    The firm has won numerous awards, including accolades from Money Marketing18 and 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain.19 

    This financial group is profitable and offers content like guides, video tutorials, and performance updates with nationwide offices for local support.

    However, they lack online reviews, and their website’s SIPP information is basic, making it hard to understand the available SIPP options.

    Predictions for Future Developments

    As the SIPP market changes, Mattioli Woods is likely to boost their digital services and clarify their SIPP details. 

    They might also increase online engagement for better feedback. 

    Predicting their exact future in the ever-evolving financial industry is tough; however, based on recent trends, more automation is anticipated, as is the rise of tools like robo-advisors, and affordable, personalised financial advice thanks to AI advancements. 

    These developments reflect a growing interest in individuals directly handling their finances.

    Final Thoughts & Recommendations

    Mattioli Woods provides a robust SIPP product with award-winning service and maintains a strong reputation.

    However, potential investors may find their online information somewhat basic. 

    It is always advisable to seek independent financial advice to ensure you understand the specific benefits and implications of investing. 

    Despite minor shortcomings, Mattioli Woods remains a solid choice for both novice and seasoned investors.

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    In Conclusion

    The Mattioli Woods SIPP is a viable choice for UK residents aiming for tailored control and flexibility in their retirement planning. 

    With its transparent fees, tax advantages, and unique multi-member scheme, it offers undeniable benefits. 

    While there is room to improve its online presence with more customer reviews, its apparent commitment to regulatory compliance ensures client confidence. 

    In the competitive realm of UK pensions, the Mattioli Woods SIPP confidently holds its ground as a contender.

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