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Self-help is a great home Internet based business opportunity. People always want to improve themselves and their lot in life. Offering self help products that will help them to do this, especially without their having to let others know they’re working on it, and without their having to leave home to get started, offer a commonly successful home business opportunity.

Self-help products can include books, magazines, Web seminars or downloadable products such as e-books or PODS, and video or audio tapes or CDs. Whichever you choose to offer as a self-help entrepreneur, this can be a lucrative home Internet-based business opportunity.

The most popular self-help topics, and the ones most commonly successful as a home Internet based business opportunity have to do with improving one’s love life or sex life, losing weight and shaping up, and making money. There are three ways of making these self-help publications ready to sell as your home Internet based business opportunity. You can write the books yourself, you can purchase the books written by others and through a book or media wholesaler, or you can hire someone to write them for you.

If you’d prefer not having to worry about putting together the copy for the self-help books and instead concentrate on the sales end of your home Internet based business opportunity, you can turn to the many book wholesalers and buy the books in bulk at wholesale prices, or have them drop shipped from the wholesaler but branded to your business. One self-help book wholesaler, for example, offers books on making money in mail order, thinking and growing rich, improving your memory, conversation tips made easy, growing rich almost while you sleep, improving your personality, self-hypnosis, mental mastery and tips on concentration, how to write ads that work for your business, how to make money at home, 100’s of ways to make a fortune, and how to succeed in business.

While this wholesaler simply sells these books in bulk to you at a low cost so you can turn around, brand them as your own and resell them with a nice profit as your home Internet based business opportunity, the firm will also let you become a drop ship dealer. What this means is that you could, instead of selling that self-help book or books to the individual who wants to read it, you could turn around and sell it to another dealer who is selling it to a customer, taking the money from the dealer in return for which you would label the package as the dealer’s and send to the consumer from your location.

You could also find a drop ship wholesaler from whom you wouldn’t need to purchase any inventory for your home Internet based business opportunity. You simply take the book orders, pass them on to the wholesaler and that wholesaler puts your label on the box and sends the books to your customer. All you have to do for your home Internet based business opportunity to realize a profit is sell the books for more than the wholesale dealer charges you to send them to your customer, and provide the consumer contact information to the wholesaler. It’s that simple.

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