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Home Business Network Marketing - When Does Opportunity Really Knock
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When I first got online and wanted to make money, I started out with home business network marketing. I joined a few programs, mostly health, but was disappointed with the results. I ended up spending much more and not making much at all. But I learned a heck of a lot about why my approach wasn’t working, and what to avoid in network marketing programs in the process.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are some good network marketing programs out there, and there is a way to do network marketing on the internet that can make it very easy and successful. But it’s not always the obvious way.

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One thing I found with most of the home business network marketing programs I joined was that the products were overpriced. Whilst some of them had good products, they didn’t represent value for the average consumer unless you they actually signed up in network marketing themselves, and thus were able to order at a ‘discount’. That makes it really hard to treat the opportunity as a business. You want to be able to offer the products for sale – every business needs products for sale. It shouldn’t just be about marketing the opportunity. That’s not a business.

Another was that you had to sign up for an ‘autoship’ of products that turned out to be quite expensive. It often ran into a couple of hundred dollars a month – and this was even worse with the exchange rates and postage if you weren’t living in the US. I live in Australia, so it meant sometimes I was paying as much as 300 to 400 dollars a month.

The beauty of the internet is that you have a global market, but opportunities in this category just weren’t able to really take advantage of it. Sure, people might sign up for a few months as I did. But the higher cost of a program means you’re working that much harder just to break even – if you succeed in breaking even. And it means that you’re losing your sign ups after a few months. That’s hardly a win-win situation for them or you. We’re all in this to help others succeed, as well as ourselves. You can’t do that with overpriced products, or products that you can’t resell and thus give people an income, aside from anything they might get from referring others to the program.

Sometimes I have really loved the products, but they were just too expensive. You want a program that doesn’t have a high monthly cost, has great products that provide real VALUE to people. – And there’s another one. I won’t mention the dodgy ones that had really crap products that looked like cheap knock-offs made in China.

Home business network marketing is about helping others succeed. That’s actually one of the reasons I created this site. To show people who wanted to make a bit of extra income on the internet how it was possible to do so, and what to avoid. I think most of the people looking at starting out online don’t have the experience (yet) that a lot of the ‘heavy hitters’ have. You know, the hugely successful people home business network marketing programs showcase as an example of what is possible with their program.

When I was starting out, I joined up in quite a few programs under heavy hitters, and I walked away kind of scratching my head a bit. I tried to do what they were suggesting, which was mostly buying leads and calling people. But I hate phoning people I don’t know, trying to ‘sell’ them something. Now, this is a great way to follow up with people if you’re comfortable with it. But I’m not, and I know a lot of people out there aren’t. So, I left that experience thinking home business network marketing wasn’t for me, which is a shame as it can provide a good income if you find the right opportunity.

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Choosing a good program is important. You need to keep a clear head as the promises and even the entertainment value, can be quite compelling. These appeals to our emotions can lead us to make decisions that are not in our best interest. It’s always good to have a cooling off period. And if you develop your own web presence, you can in fact develop an income independant of the home business network marketing opportunity.

I am not currently affiliated with any network marketing opportunities, as I prefer to devote my time to other models of internet business. However, if you’re interested in learning how to generate your own leads, and avoid the cold calling of prospects that hampers so many who are interested in network marketing online, check out this strategy.

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