Funeral Plans FAQs

11 Questions You Have Around Funeral Plans Answered

Planning for your funeral can be overwhelming & may leave you with numerous questions. Try this guide to give you the answers you need to plan.
Funeral Plans FAQs

In most cases, setting up a funeral plan can be a quick and simple process. But you may have some questions about the details of your specific plan, especially if you’re looking for extra services.

Here are 11 frequently asked questions around funeral plans:

Is Arranging a Funeral Plan Time-Consuming?

Most funeral plans don’t take much time to set up and follow a simple process. Many funeral plan providers offer an online application or take your details over the phone. Once your application is approved, you should have the details of your plan within a few working days.

What Restrictions Do Funeral Plans Have

What Restrictions Do Funeral Plans Have?

Most funeral plans are guaranteed regardless of your age or health. However, there may be some services that are not included in your plans, such as embalming, floral arrangements, catering, or transport. You will most likely have to pay for third-party fees, such as doctor’s or coroner’s charges.


You may be restricted in choosing your funeral director because some funeral service providers only partner with an approved list of suppliers. You could also be limited to holding the service between specified times, depending on your plan.

What Funeral Arrangements Can I Make?

Most funeral plans will give you a range of options. The more straightforward plans are usually more affordable, but you can also choose a more comprehensive service. Special requests, such as favorite readings or hymns, can generally be added to the arrangements. Additional items, such as flowers, may incur a third-party cost not covered by your funeral plan.

Can I Pick My Funeral Director?

Often, funeral plans will specify a list of funeral directors¹ from which you may choose. You may have to consult with your funeral plan provider if you have a specific funeral director you would like to make your arrangements with.

Can We Take Out a Funeral Plan as a Couple

Can We Take Out a Funeral Plan as a Couple?

Couples can take out two individual plans, or they can take out a joint plan.

Here’s how:

A joint plan can be taken out between any two people and is not restricted to spouses or partners. This plan attaches both names to the one plan and will hold both individual’s requests. However, the joint plan can only be used for one funeral. When the first individual passes away, the second holder can choose to use the plan for the funeral or kept it for their use later.

You see:

A joint plan is a good option for those who do not have the funds to take out two individual plans and assures the customer that at least one funeral will be covered.

Can I Purchase a Funeral Plan for a Loved One?

As long as the person is older than 50, you will be able to take out a funeral plan for them.

What Happens to the Cash I Pay into a Funeral Plan?

The installments or lump sum you pay when purchasing a funeral plan are held in trust, kept secure until it is needed to pay for the funeral. If you’re concerned about the legitimacy of your funeral plan service provider, opt for one registered with the Funeral Planning Authority².

Can I Choose Between Burial or Cremation?

Most funeral plans will allow you to choose which option you prefer. Your funeral plan should cover the funeral director’s fees in either event, but you may have to pay third-party fees for the cremation, and the cost of the burial plot will not be included in your plan.

How Will the Funeral Director Know What Arrangements I Want?

Your executor will contact your chosen funeral director and inform them of your death. Most funeral plans will allow you to specify what arrangements you’d like, and the funeral director will have access to this information.

Does My Funeral Plan Protect Me from Rising Funeral Costs

Does My Funeral Plan Protect Me from Rising Funeral Costs?

The price of your funeral is usually fixed at the rate at the time of your purchase. This means you will be protected from rising funeral costs.  If your funeral plan does not cover third-party costs, these may increase over time, and you may have to pay the increased price.

What If I Die Before I Pay All My Instalments?

Some service providers will cover the outstanding amount if you die before your plan is paid off. Alternatively, your family could be required to contribute. It’s best to check these details with your service provider.

What Happens If I Change My Address?

A change of address won’t affect your funeral plan. If you move to a different area, a new Nominated Funeral Director can be appointed. Alternatively, you can choose to stay with your chosen funeral director and pay a fee for them to travel beyond 50 miles.

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The death of a loved one is never easy. Navigating the process of arranging a funeral can be even more difficult, as there are many decisions to make and questions to answer.


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