Where Can You Find Pension Advice?

What's a pension fund?

This might be one of the most straightforward questions yet slightly complex to answer than you might think.
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Almost 40% of persons aged 20 to 35 don’t have a bank account, leave alone a retirement plan. Most people today are moving with the ‘YOLO’ trend, forgetting that they might end up seeing their great-grandchildren. With the years rushing and as sunsets come and go, you need to have a reliable retirement plan by saving into a pension1 scheme.

However, since these plans are complicated, you do need to seek independent pension advice from a financial expert. The pension advisor you choose will guide you on what you need to know and have before you decide on the best plan for you.

That said here’s a brief guide to pension advice.

Why You Need Pension Advice

Pensions are saving that you make to support yourself in the future. Reliable pension providers offer these plans, and they feature various options. You can receive a pension scheme from your boss, or even past employers – the workplace pension schemes. You can also set a pension plan up for yourself depending on your needs, the personal pensions2 and those offered by the government – state pensions.

However, before you take a pension plan, you need to seek financial advice from a reliable pension advisor who’ll walk you through the whole process. They’ll also help you figure out the best option and guide to investing in the best schemes.

With the myriad of pension advice online platforms though, it can be daunting trying to figure out where to find the best pension advice. Well, here are some of the reliable sources, based on their ratings and reviews.

Where to Find Pension Advice

It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about opening a pension pot, looking to transfer your pension scheme or are close to retirement and considering various options. You can get reliable, straightforward and free pension advice from websites like the Pensions Advisory Service.

You should, however, ensure that you’re fully clued-up when you’re making pension decisions and seek further assistance if you need it. If you’re particular about free advice, be sure to consult a certified independent financial advisor (IFA) who’ll walk you through everything you need to know. If you want to transfer you defined benefits or defined contribution pensions worth over £500,000, then the IFA will be your best bet.

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