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Equity Release Quote

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Who Releases Equity?

Those who release equity are normally retirees and those aged over 55.

To qualify for equity release, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • The youngest applicant has to be aged over 55.
  • Your home has to be worth over £70,000.
  • Your home has to be of standard construction.
  • You must own your home.
  • Your house must be situated in the UK.
  • You must have a minimal mortgage or no mortgage on your house.

You can use the tax-free cash1 you get from equity release for anything you wish, such as funding home-based care2, a dream vacation, or home renovations.

Can You Get a Free Quote to Release Equity?

Yes, you can get a free quote to release equity right here. Try it now!

Why Compare Equity Release Providers?

You should compare equity release providers because, although all lenders offer equity release products, each provider will offer different interest rates and flexible benefits.

By comparing providers, you can find the best deal for you.

What Do I Need to Get a Quote?

To get a quote, you need a few simple details:

  • The age of the youngest homeowner.
  • Your property’s market value.
  • Your postal code to confirm your property location.

Once you enter this information into our easy to use quote comparison system, you’ll get results in a few seconds.

Where to Get Equity Release Quotes

You can start the process to get an equity release right here by using our equity release quote tool.

You’ll get an overview of the whole equity release market and an indication of who the best providers are.

Through our system, you can access exclusive deals from market-leading providers.

Compare Equity Release Interest Rates & Deals

You should compare equity release interest rates and deals available from all providers before deciding which lender and product will best suit your needs.

Our useful equity release quote comparison tool will help you compare the interest rates available on each deal and what each deal offers you.

Common Questions

How Much Money Do You Really Get From Equity Release?

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up Equity Release?

What Will Impact the Amount of Equity I Can Release?

In Conclusion

All the factors mentioned above will be considered when a provider puts together a quote for you.

Before you talk to your adviser, make sure you’ve used our equity release quote comparison tool to know what to expect.

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