Equity Release Criteria You Need to Know

Do You Qualify for Equity Release?
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What’s the Equity Release Criteria to Access Property Wealth? Learn About the Minimum & Maximum Loan Amounts & How to Know if You Qualify for Equity Release. Discover More Here.

Without this crucial knowledge on equity release criteria to look out for in 2022, you may find yourself tied into an equity release plan that you regret!

While equity release solutions are safer than ever, unregulated lenders will only assist you take a step back rather than unlocking the key to your retirement aspirations.

Fortunately, we’re here to assist you in taking the first step toward equity release.

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    What Are the Main Equity Release Criteria?

    The main equity release qualifying criteria are that the youngest homeowner is 55 or older,

    Your property is situated in the UK or neighbouring islands, and that you own your house outright.

    The following additional criteria questions should also be taken into consideration when applying for equity release.

    What Are the Age Limits for Equity Release?

    The minimum eligible age to apply for equity release is 55.

    For joint equity release mortgages, this applies to the youngest applicant. 

    Ownership & Use of the Property

    If you opt for a lifetime mortgage on your property, you have the right to stay in your home until you move into long-term care1 or pass away.


    With a home reversion plan, you can sell all or part of your home while you continue to live there rent-free.

    Any Remaining Mortgage on the Property

    When taking out equity release, you must clear any existing mortgages, either from your savings or with the equity release funds received.

    After which, you can spend the money however you wish.

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    Where’s the Property Located?

    The location of your property is something lenders consider.

    If you live in mainland England, Wales or Scotland you have access to all the equity release plans available. 

    Some lenders exclude islands. For example, you can get Equity Release in the Isle of White, but you can’t in the Isle of Man.

    How Much Is the Property Worth?

    The minimum property value for equity release plans is £70,000.

    If your property is worth more than £1 million, additional underwriting checks1 may be required.

    The Condition of the Property

    The condition of your property will also be taken into consideration before advisors will agree to lend you money.

    Providers will look closely at your house’s state and saleability, so your house must be in reasonable shape when you apply and then maintained to an acceptable standard.

    How Much Equity Do You Want to Release?

    The amount of equity you want to release will decide if equity release is the right option for you.

    Keep in mind that the maximum percentage equity you can release from your home is usually up to 60% of the property value.

    Will Your Health Affect Your Eligibility to Get Equity Release?

    No, your health won’t affect your eligibility for equity release. 

    In fact, it can be used as a positive. Health conditions may increase the maximum LTV2 available and cause minimal interest rates if you opt for an enhanced lifetime mortgage.

    Common Questions

    How Do I Discover if I Qualify for Equity Release?

    Is There a Minimum & Maximum Loan Amount?

    Can I Be Refused Equity Release?

    In Conclusion

    Whatever your reasons for wanting to release equity, don’t do anything without first conducting a thorough study. 

    It’s critical that you’re satisfied with the supplier you’re working with since it will affect how much equity you may discharge.

    If you’re thinking about equity release and are confident you fulfill the eligibility requirements, talk to an equity release professional to find out how much equity you may get out of your house.

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