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How Much Equity Can You Unlock?

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Equity Release Calculator

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What's Equity Release?

A Quick Intro to Equity Release

Equity release is a financial term for a group of products that allow you to unlock the capital1 invested in your home.

It can be either a lifetime mortgage product or a home reversion scheme.

The lump-sum amount released is tax-free.


How it Works

How Do You Calculate Equity Release?

You calculate the amount of equity you can release from your home differently depending on which provider and the product you choose.

An independent adviser will provide you with a detailed analysis of your finances and calculated options for various equity release products you could consider.

The amount of equity you can release varies from 20% to 60%; however, many factors influence this amount, such as your age and home value.

The Pros

Benefits Of Using An Equity Release Calculator

The benefits of an equity release calculator can be significant.

A calculator will allow you to get a rough idea of how much equity you could release from your home by utilising a lifetime mortgage.

Here’re a few benefits of our calculator:

  • The calculator is simple to use and will provide you with an immediate emailed result with an estimate of your potential loan-to-value2.
  • You’re under no obligation to purchase any products or accept any offers.
  • We keep your personal information secure, so you can rest assured our calculator is safe.
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Equity Release Calculator
How Much Cash Can You Unlock With Equity Release?
Are You Looking for an Equity Release Calculator to Find Out How Much Cash You Can Unlock? Learn How to Calculate Equity Release. Keep Reading to Find Out More.

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equity release calculator

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    What Information Is Required To Use an Equity Release Calculator?

    The calculator only requires a few simple details:

    • A rough estimate of how much your home is worth.
    • How much is outstanding on your current mortgage if you’ve one.
    • Your contact information.

    How Does An Equity Release Calculator Work?

    An equity release calculator works by considering your age and property value to calculate how much equity you could release from your home.

    The estimate sent to you’ll include a minimum and maximum amount that you could borrow.

    Equity Release Calculator Results Explained

    It’s pertinent to note that the preliminary results you get from the calculator are an estimate.

    Each lender’s set of circumstances varies.

    You’ll only receive a precise quote on how much you can borrow following a home valuation and a consultation with a provider or financial adviser.

    Once it has been established how much you can loan, you’ll be offered an interest rate based on that amount and your circumstances.

    Common Questions

    How Do You Calculate Equity Release?

    How Is Interest Calculated on Equity Release?

    What Is the Typical Interest Rate on Equity Release?

    In Conclusion

    Using an equity release calculator will give you an estimate of how much equity you could potentially unlock from your property.

    While an estimate is a good starting point, we always suggest you work with your financial adviser to make sound financial decisions. 

    How Much Can You Release?

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    Equity Release Calculator

    Value of Your Home?


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