How to Claim Your Critical Illness Cover?

Critical Illness Cover: Claims Process

Critical illness cover is an essential part of any good insurance package, & it can be claimed without having to meet strict criteria in some cases! But how do you claim it? In this blog post, we’ll go through the steps involved so that there are no surprises!
What You Need To Provide

What is A Critical Illness Cover?

In case you’re wondering:

Critical illness cover1 is an optional type of insurance product that gives extra protection against serious illnesses such as cancer, motor neuron disease or heart attack or stroke, etc., based on certain additional conditions.

If you have this healthcare cover, it will usually pay an additional lump sum on top of the standard and enhanced benefits, which can reduce the financial impact on those left behind. It may also help with long-term care if you are hospitalized for a prolonged period, as it may help pay the costs of additional treatments such as rehabilitation

Step One: Gather Your Documents

The first thing you’ll need before making any claims for a critical illness cover is to gather the relevant documents.

These are typically your ID card, proof of address, and bank account details. You might also be required to provide information about other members of your family as well. This includes their IDs, contact details, and bank account details, too, so make sure you have it all together. It’s not worth taking a chance on being declined because something was missing or incorrect.

You see:

It’s in your best interest to include as much detail of your illness and why it was included under their terms and conditions. You must also list any other relevant information, such as a cover note for family members, pre-existing conditions2, or future pregnancies that may impact how this critical illness insurance claim is processed.

Step Two: Contact the Insurer

Once you’ve gathered everything up correctly, contact the insurer who provided your critical illness cover plan to let them know that you want to claim now. They will require additional documentation from you, so be prepared to provide it. In addition, some insurers require you to answer medical questions, while others offer specifically designed for those applying for coverage.

You must read all the policy documents thoroughly before signing them off. Also, don’t forget about the small print at the bottom, which could contain exclusions or restrictions relating to specific cases regarding your critical illness cover.


If you’re unable to do anything because of your illness, ask someone close to contact the insurer right away so they can start processing any claims as soon as possible.

Step Three: What Happens Now?

This is where your claim gets processed, and you will get a decision about what, if any, the pay-out will be for this critical illness cover plan. You might also need to undergo tests or examinations by an appointed doctor who your insurer has approved before making their final decision on whether or not you are entitled to receive some compensation from them.

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In Conclusion

That was only the beginning,

While the government does provide sick pay benefits, the amount may be insufficient to replace your income or assist you in adjusting to your new circumstances. It is where critical sickness insurance comes into play.

A critical illness policy may be perfect for you if you don’t have enough money saved to cover a long period of illness or permanent disability. But, in the end, if you decide to insure yourself, you must select the right policy for you, understand exactly what you’ll be protected for and how to claim your insurance by the time you need it.


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