Nicola Date

Nicola Date


About the author

Nicola has a wide variety of interests and has written extensively on numerous topics. She’s worked in various roles from journalism to arts management and public relations. Over her career she developed a distinct insight into the world of personal finance and business management. 


Nicola has an Honours Degree in the Arts, with special emphasis on the business management aspect. 


Her career highlights are varied and highly impactful. She formed part of the PR team for an International Animations Festival, undertook the role of Marketing Coordinator for the Reach for a Dream Foundation and was the Financial Coordinator for the art department of the Amazing Race. 

She is passionate about empowering ordinary citizens with sound financial knowledge that will improve their lives. Her writing at EveryInvestor focuses on the opportunities provided by equity release, among many other financial topics.

Nicola believes that people can drastically improve their lives with the right financial tools, no matter their age. She has also written on many other topics such as wellness, healthcare and aged-care.

Her writing philosophy is driven by her insistence that content remain easy to understand and accessible to all.



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