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Mark Patterson

Mortgage Expert

About the author​

Mark Patterson is a well-known expert and adviser in the Investments industry. Having worked in the sector for over 15 years, he specialises in investment opportunities for high-net-worth individuals.

He is best known for his research on how economic and geopolitical factors impact access to financial opportunities.


Mark Patterson graduated from a leading UK Business School, where he went on to complete his Ph.D. During his time at business school, he specialised in mortgage and investment opportunities.

He also has an extensive background in Economics, with a strong focus on Finance and International Relations.


Upon graduating, Mark Patterson started working as an Investment Adviser.  He then had the idea to create an Independent Financial Advisors LLC (IFA) with 2 other partners, the sector where he remains today. 

Mark is passionate about helping high-value clients make the most out of their money. He hopes that his experience with high-rollers will inspire people from all economic backgrounds to make sound financial decisions. 




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