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Katherine Read

Financial Services Writer

About the author

Katherine’s work focusses primarily on the financial services sector and other business-related subjects. She has been affiliated with EveryInvestor since 2019, assisting greatly on all content related to equity release on the site.  


Katherine graduated with an honours degree in Business. She joined the world’s largest shipping company, Maersk, where she was rewarded with entrance into their international management fast-track program. She received exposure and hands-on experience in the finance, marketing and sales departments (amongst others) and oversaw the implementation of SAP in Tanzania. 


Her efforts at Maersk saw her graduating amongst the top 10% in the programme. This grounding cemented her deep interest in the world of finance where she obtained a wide variety of experience from various positions she held throughout the sector. 

One of Katherine’s goals is to encourage more transparency in financial services and to empower financially those who are planning for their retirement. She is well versed in the subjects of equity release, home reversion, mortgages and aged care. As a member of EveryInvestor’s editorial team, she also contributes articles on the topics of mental health and general well-being.   

For more information on her articles and all-things financial, you can message Katherine at katherine@everyinvestor.co.uk



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