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Jason Stubbs

Jason Stubbs


About the Author

Jason Stubbs is a specialist in the Equity Release sector. He enjoys helping older people who are struggling financially get out from under financial pressure, while also making sure that they continue living life to the fullest extent possible during their golden years. As part of his role as an expert on this topic, he offers extensive advice regarding how money can be best used after retirement age when other forms of income may no longer be available or sufficient enough for daily needs.


Prior to becoming established as one of Britain’s top experts on those looking into getting involved with equity release, Jason Stubbs attended the University of Huddersfield. Here he studied Business and Economics, which gives him a great foundation for helping those in need with financial guidance. In his early career as an expert on this topic, he put these skills to work by working at one of Britain’s largest providers of home loans from banks and building societies where he got valuable experience about how money can be lent out to individuals who require it after retirement age.


In addition to getting extensive training before becoming established as a top Equity Release Expert, Jason has also gained years of direct experience with clients throughout his time within the sector. This includes several hundred hours spent meeting with people going through various forms of financial hardship due to lack of income and offering the valuable advice they need to help get their lives back on track.