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Navigate the World of Equity Release with Our Comprehensive Guide: Learn How To Compare Equity Release Deals to Make Informed Financial Decisions.
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Key Takeaways

  • The best equity release deals in the UK can vary depending on individual circumstances, but typically include those with lower interest rates, flexible repayment options, and strong customer support.
  • To compare them, consider utilising online comparison tools, and take into account factors like interest rates, flexibility of repayments, and customer reviews.
  • Companies such as Aviva, Legal & General, and More2Life frequently offer competitive deals due to their extensive experience in the sector.
  • When comparing them, focus on interest rates, potential for negative equity, early repayment charges, and whether a 'no negative equity' guarantee is included.
  • Comparing different deals can potentially lead to better terms, as it allows you to find a deal that best suits your financial needs and circumstances.

Are you ready to unlock your home's potential, but feel overwhelmed when it is time to compare equity release deals

You are not alone. 

With a myriad of equity release mortgage companies and deals available, finding the right equity release scheme for you can be a daunting prospect. 

In This Article, You Will Discover:

    Our Every Investor researchers have spent countless hours analysing the latest equity release deals and comparison tools. 

    We consistently update our material to ensure its relevance and accuracy. 


    What is an Equity Release Mortgage?

    Equity release allows those over 55 to unlock the financial value of their homes without selling.

    It's a method for releasing house equity into accessible funds, offering financial flexibility during retirement.

    The two key types are lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans.

    Both provide distinct ways to utilize your home's value, enabling you to retain control over your property while accessing its equity, thus supporting your financial needs in later life.

    What Are the Best Equity Release Deals in the UK?

    In the UK, there are numerous equity release deals, but a few stand out for their excellent rates and flexible terms.

    More2Life offers a competitive lifetime mortgage with fixed interest rates and the option to make partial repayments.

    Legal & General also has a strong product range, with a choice of drawdown or lump sum lifetime mortgages, and the possibility to protect a percentage of the property value for inheritance purposes.

    Another noteworthy deal is from Hodge Lifetime, offering a downsizing protection option which allows you to move to a smaller property in the future without incurring penalties.

    Pure Retirement provides an attractive deal with its Heritage product, with its unique feature of interest-served options allowing you to make monthly payments to reduce the final debt.

    Remember, the best equity release deal will always depend on individual circumstances, so a personalised approach is crucial.

    Why Is Comparing Equity Release Deals Important?

    Comparing equity release interest rates and deals is important as it can be an effective way of unlocking the value tied up in your home. 

    The sheer diversity of plans available means there is a great deal of variation in the terms and rates on offer. 

    Simply put, comparing equity release schemes can help you save a substantial amount of money over the term of your plan.

    Moreover, it is important to remember that equity release involves borrowing against your home, so securing the lowest possible interest rate can have a considerable impact on the final amount you or your estate will need to repay.

    How to Compare Equity Release Deals Effectively

    Comparing deals effectively involves understanding both the broader financial landscape and the specific terms of each deal. 

    A step-by-step guide to ensure you are making an informed decision:

    1. Understand the Different Types of Equity Release: Equity release comes in two main forms: lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans. Understanding their differences can help you decide which one suits your needs the most.
    2. Check the Interest Rates: The interest rate is one of the most critical factors in determining the cost of equity release. A lower interest rate means you will pay less over time.
    3. Look at the Fees: Many equity release plans come with application, legal, and advisor fees. Ensure you factor in these costs when comparing deals.
    4. Consider the Flexibility: Some schemes allow for interest payments, offer downsizing protection, or include options for further withdrawals. Assess these features based on your needs.

    Equity release is a critical financial choice that requires careful consideration. 

    To ensure the best decision for your specific needs, it is advisable to consult with a financial adviser who is both authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)1 and a member of the Equity Release Council (ERC).2

    Factors to Consider When Comparing Equity Release Deals

    When comparing equity release deals, it is crucial to look beyond just the interest rates. 

    Some key factors to consider:

    • Interest Rates: A lower interest rate will result in a smaller final debt. Therefore, compare the Annual Percentage Rates (APR)3 to account for compounding interest.
    • Negative Equity Guarantees:4 This is a feature that ensures you will never owe more than the value of your home.
    • Early Repayment Charges (ERCs): Some plans may impose significant charges if you decide to repay your loan early. Look out for these and factor them into your decision-making process.
    • Inheritance Protection: Some schemes offer a guarantee that a percentage of your home’s future value will be left as an inheritance – a consideration if you wish to leave a legacy.

    By considering these factors and seeking expert guidance, you can make an informed decision that best aligns with your financial and personal needs.


    Equity release is not suitable for everyone because it involves borrowing against your property's value, which may reduce the inheritance you can leave behind for your loved ones. 

    Additionally, it could affect eligibility for means-tested benefits due to the increased assets from releasing equity.

    Seeking advice from an equity release advisor or broker is essential to assess the suitability of equity release for your current situation and future goals.

    How to Find the Best Equity Release Interest Rate

    The best way to find the most competitive equity release interest rate is to engage with a professional equity release advisor. 

    They have access to the latest rates and offers from a wide range of lenders.

    Moreover, an equity release advisor or broker can help you understand the long-term implications of equity release, and they can ensure you are aware of all the costs involved.

    Interest Rates and Fees Comparison

    View the current equity release interest ratesfees, or lifetime mortgage rates.

    ProviderScheme NameMonthly
    (Rate)The amount of interest due per period, as a proportion of the amount lent, deposited, or borrowed.
    Pure RetirementAge Partnership Classic Flexible Lump Sum 25.25%
    Pure RetirementAge Partnership Classic Flexible Lump Sum 15.30%
    Pure RetirementAge Partnership Sovereign Flex Lump Sum (Fee) (AP) (Single)5.71%
    Pure RetirementAge Partnership Sovereign Flex Lump Sum (AP) (Single)5.78%
    Pure RetirementAge Partnership Sovereign Flex Lump Sum (1% Cashback) (AP) (Single)5.88%
    Pure RetirementAge Partnership Sovereign Flex Lump Sum (2% Cashback) (AP) (Single)5.98%
    AvivaAge Partnership Lifestyle Flexible Option, Fixed ERCN/A
    Pure RetirementAge Partnership Sovereign Flex Lump Sum (3% Cashback) (AP) (Single)6.08%
    Pure RetirementAge Partnership Sovereign Flex Lump Sum (4% Cashback) (AP) (Single)6.18%
    Just RetirementAge Partnership J1 Lump Sum Fixed ERC (Enhanced)6.30%

    Updated: 05/01/2024

    Scenario: 60 year old single male with a £300,000 property value, who wants to release £30,000.

    How Can I Obtain an Equity Release Quote?

    There are various ways to obtain an equity release quote. 

    You can use our online equity release calculator to obtain an approximation of how much equity you could release and the potential costs. 

    However, for a personalised and more in-depth quote, it is recommended to consult with a professional equity release advisor.

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    In Conclusion

    Comparing equity release deals is not just about finding the lowest interest rate, it is about securing a plan that fits your personal circumstances and long-term financial goals.

    Equity release may seem daunting, but with careful comparison and consultation, it can be an effective tool in your financial planning arsenal.

    By considering the factors discussed in this article, you will be well-equipped to navigate the equity release market, ensuring you are able to compare equity release deals before consulting with an advisor. 

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