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Best Investment Options

The best investment options when going offshore will depend on what you as an investor are after. Here is a look at some of the options that you have to consider.

For Capital Growth

All investors want to see their capital grow, but how fast your capital grows depends on the type of investments you choose. How fast your money grows will depend on how big of a risk you are willing to take when it comes to investing. Here are some investment options that allow investors a high return.

Alternative Funds

Two great examples of alternative funds are a trend fund and a 1.2 fund. The trend fund has been around for years and has proven to do really well in struggling markets. Trend funds are traded on the belief that older data can have a part in future pricing. The problem with these funds is that they can be hard to access because they are not publicised as well as other funds, and they tend to require high minimums.

The 1.2 fund aims to offer a 1.2% return each month, while that return is not as high as other funds it’s a steady rate of return. The 1.2 fund does not require a high minimum, and is considered to be of medium risk.

For Low Risk

While all investors want to see a return on their investment, not all of them are willing to take risks. Here are some of the best offshore investments1  investors can make that provide a low risk, but allow for your capital to grow.

High Income Funds

A high income fund is perfect for investors who are trying to save for retirement or those that are drawing a pension already. With this type of fund, there is no cost to get started nor is there any fuss for cashing out. This type of investment allows you as an investor to help borrowers who are unable to get funding from banks due to the tight lending requirements.

How this works is you invest in a short-term loan that is secured with real property from the borrowers. High income funds pay out an average of 8.5% on a quarterly basis. To make this investment even more attractive if you reinvest your capital you can see around a 28% return in as little as three years.

Litigation Funding

The perfect example of how this type of investment works is the Axiom Legal Financing Fund.2  When investing in the Axiom Legal Financing Fund you as an investor are lending money to specific law firms in the UK to fund their legal battles.

These investments are considered low risk because the cases are insured against failure, and the law firm is insured. The average offshore investor3  can expect to receive an 11% return.

If you still have questions about the best investment options, you should contact a reputable financial adviser.5  They will be able to give you advice on offshore investments that are right for you based on what kind of risk you are willing to take.

Best Short Term Investment

In today’s unstable economy, the wisest thing you can do is to find the best short term investment for your valuable assets. Because the value of money changes over time, your assets must be invested properly and securely. Several factors contribute to the ups and downs of money and the only way to secure your hard earned assets is to find the right investment that will ensure progressive results.

Financing in short term investments is one of the ways in which many investors grow their money as an alternative to the unstable stock market. You too can make the most out of your money. All you need to do is to go over various short term investments and choose the best short term investment for you.

Engaging in short term investments involves putting your assets in securities that allows you to get a return of investment within a year or less. You may get a return in the form of capital appreciation, dividend income or interest income

Factors Тo Consider

Finding the best short term investment is not an easy thing to do. You have to consider a few factors so that you can maximise the investment opportunity at its best.

Liquidity refers to the ability of your assets to be converted into cash. Simply stated, it determines the length of time the money you have earned from your investment goes to your pocket. As you intend to invest your money for a long period of time, you will already see liquidity as the ability of your assets to be traded quickly in the money making business. Hence, you need to see that the liquidity matters a lot more than anything else.

Profit’s the main purpose of getting into business. The same holds true for engaging in investment opportunities. Another thing you have to consider in finding the best short term investment is the interest rates. Lower interest rates may still give you return in your investment; however, higher interest rates will earn you even more.

Lastly, one of the most important factors you will have to consider in your search for the best short term investment for you is the safety of your money. You need to protect your assets in such a way that you earn from it without compromising its safety.

Options Тo Choose From

One of the best avenues for investment as a start is to open an online savings account. Talking about liquidity, savings account online is very much liquid as it allows you to withdraw your money a maximum of six times. It also keeps your money safe and secure. To gain more liquidity, you can open a checking account online, with this withdrawals are unlimited. The only set back of this is the opportunity cost of earning higher return from other investment types.

Other options for you to choose from in finding the best short term investment are money market accounts, electronic fund transfers, short term funds, certificate of deposits and other lending companies you can invest on that ensures low investments risks and higher income. You can also contact us and speak to our financial adviser regarding the best short term investment.

Best Way To Invest Money

Trying to point out the best way to invest money is not very simple. However, there are several ways you can invest money and not all the methods will suit everyone. The purpose of investing is to get a return on your capital investment within a particular time frame. There are various factors to consider when investing.

Each investment has a certain risk factor, it’s advisable to check the risk factors properly and see if you are willing to go all the way with that particular investment and risk factor. The risk factor might be small or big, but that is what determines the quality of the investment.

A quality investment is where you will get back your initial capital as well as a percentage margin on that capital amount. Seeing that all investments are subject to risk, the best way to invest money is to invest where there is little risk.

FOREX Market

Investing in the FOREX market is relatively new for many investors. In the past this was not available to everyone, but in the recent years with the changes in FOREX trading policy, just about anyone can invest in the FOREX market. The FOREX market is not the same as the stock market.

While the stock market deals with the shares of 1000s of companies, the FOREX market deals with only 6-8 pairs of currencies. The risks involved in FOREX trading are much lower compared to that of the stock market. However, it’s recommended to study how the FOREX markets operate before investing any money.


Every investment is subject to a certain amount of risk and there are no zero risk investments. Even deposits in the bank are subject to a certain amount of risk. However, since banks are guaranteed by the government, this is considered by investors as one of the safest ways of investing money.

Certificate Of Deposits (CDs)

CDs are also considered one of the best ways to invest money. These are very conservative investments plans that are guaranteed to bring in a certain amount of return on your investment. However, the interest rates for CDs are very low.

Stock Market

The stock market involves taking more risk but it’s one of the best ways to invest money. The return on investments can be much greater with investment in the stock market. You will need to study the markets a bit to be able to understand how it operates.

You can invest in the stock of a company when it’s low and as the company grows and the value of stocks rise; you will receive better returns on your investments. The risk is when the company does not do well and the stocks plummet, this is when you will have to bear the losses in the value of your stocks.

Real Estate

Investing your money in real estate is considered better than investing in the stock market or mutual funds by many investors. This is because your investment will leave something tangible in your hands; unlike with investments in the stock market where you do not have anything tangible until the stocks perform well and dividends are paid. The real estate market is constantly on the rise as more and more people are looking to buy property.

Our Advice

It is recommended to get proper advice from a reputed financial adviser regarding the best ways to invest money. You can contact us and speak to our financial adviser before you start investing your money.

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