Best Funeral Plan Providers

Top 10 Funeral Plan Providers

If you’re planning to purchase a funeral plan, read more about the top funeral plan providers in the UK.
Best Funeral Plan Providers

If you’re planning to purchase a funeral plan, read more about the top plans in the UK.

Funeral plans let you cover the cost of funeral beforehand and give you the added benefit of fixing funeral prices at today’s rate.

However, not all funeral plans are equal, and you may have to compare their offerings to ensure you get the best value for money.

What should be included in a funeral plan?

While each funeral plan is different, the best funeral plans usually include care and transport of the deceased’s body, a coffin, hearse and funeral director, a celebrant and visitation of the body.
However, some plans may include additional services or cover third-party expenses. These include doctor and minister’s fees, transport for mourners, funeral notices, cremation fees, burial fees, a headstone, embalming the body, catering and floral arrangements.

Are funeral plan providers regulated

Are funeral plan providers regulated?

While funeral plans are not covered by the Financial Conduct Authority1, the organization does have rules over how funds paid to funeral plan providers should be managed.
You should choose a funeral plan provider registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA)2. The FPA regulates the funeral industry by providing a set of standards providers should adhere to. This offers protection to prepaid customers.

How much can I expect to pay for a funeral plan

How much can I expect to pay for a funeral plan?

Funeral plans can be paid off over time, in instalment, or in a lump-sum settlement, depending on your funeral plan provider.
You can expect to pay between £3000 and £5000 for a funeral plan, depending on how comprehensive you would like the plan. You get the best savings on a funeral plan when you buy it several years before your death, and if you pay it off upfront.
Paying off a funeral plan over time can make it more manageable if you’re on a tighter budget. Instalment payment systems do, however, attract more interest and can work out more costly.

10 best funeral plan providers

10 best funeral plan providers

Golden Leaves
Golden Leaves offers prepaid funeral plans from £19.57 per month and offers a wide selection to choose from. They are also fully guaranteed. Each plan will cover the cost of a funeral director, advice on funeral registration and documentation, transport and care of the deceased, a coffin and a hearse.
Co-op Funeral Care
Co-op guarantees all plans covers and covers all third-party costs. There are several plans, separated in cremation and burial plans. Cremation plans start at £2,895 or £16.68 monthly, while burial plans cost from £2,895 or £16.68 monthly. An extra charge is levied if you pay in instalments.
Safe Hands
SafeHands provides affordable prepaid funeral plans from £2,390 or £24.97 a month. These plans cover the funeral director fees and guarantees payment of service fees. You can tailor the plan based on your needs. Most of the plans cover third party charges to some degree. There is also a range of options to settle your payment.
Golden Charter
This provider has four plans, starting from £2,895 or monthly payments of £13.59. The plans offer an allowance towards third party costs. These begin at £800 but increase on the more expensive plans.
Sunlife Funeral Plan
Sunlife funeral plans start from £9.25 a month, and they provide three levels of funeral covers. Sunlife partners with Dignity to provide a funeral director, or with Simplicity Cremations. Each plan covers the cost of a funeral director, collection and preparation of the body, as well as bereavement counselling. Your family will have to cover anything not included in the funeral plan summary.
Avalon Funeral Plans
Avalon plans provide funeral plans where the costs of the funeral director are fixed at the current cost, as well as offer an allowance to cover third party costs. Plans start from £17.76 per month. Plans include transport and preparation of the deceased, transport to the funeral home and advice. They offer an allowance towards the cremation or cemetery fee, doctor’s fee, and minister’s fee.
Dignity Funerals Service
This company offers four prepaid funeral plans which will cover the funeral director fees. There are four plans on offer, which start at £2,795 or £14.70 monthly. Dignity makes a limousine for mourners is available in the two more upscale plans. All the plans will stay intact if you move. You will also be able to personalize some elements of the service, such as hymns and bible readings.
Age Co
All Age Co plans guarantee to cover the funeral services costs specified in your plan and offers flexibility. They pay the funeral director’s fee and celebrant’s fee. Care of the deceased and advice is included. The plans start from £2,770 or £14.57 per month.
Open Prepaid Funeral Plans
Open Prepaid has four funeral plans, starting from £1,895 or £17.95 monthly. The services vary depending on which plan you choose, but some will make an allowance to third-party fees over and above the cost of the funeral director.
Pride Planning
Pride planning offers funeral plans from £2495. The plans will cover the funeral arrangements, a hearse and advice on registration and certification. The more expensive plans will include a limousine for the mourners and florist services.

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In Conclusion

Getting the best value for money is only one part of ensuring you get the best funeral plan – you’ll also want to ensure you’re getting the best range of services.

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