Age Partnership Equity Release Reviews (Updated 2022)

Do You Want to Release Equity With Age Partnership?
Contributors: Nicola Date, Katherine Read. Edited by Rachel Wait & Reviewed by Francis Hui
Are You Considering Age Partnership Equity Release? Find Out the Pros, Cons, Fees, Interest Rates & Age Partnership’s Qualification Criteria. Keep Reading to Get the Answers You Need.

Equity release from Age Partnership is a viable way to get your hands on tax-free money in your retirement. 

Over £4.8bn in property wealth was released from homes in the UK in 2021, helping almost 20,000 retirees ease their financial burdens in retirement. 

Could you be next?

Equity release can be a daunting concept with over 600 options to choose from. 

Luckily, we’re here to help!

As experts in our field, we discuss the following in this article:

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    Could Age Partnership be the right brand for you?

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    Who’s Age Partnership?

    Age Partnership is one of the UK’s top equity release advisors. 

    Since 2004, they’ve offered tailored financial services to individuals over 50, including mortgages, pensions, wills, and equity release.

    Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, they have over 500 employees and offer whole-market advice.

    What Does Age Partnership Do?

    Age Partnership provides specialist equity release, pension, mortgage and insurance advice to those reaching retirement age. 

    Their aim is to deliver the best value and service to their customers by working with the UK’s leading lenders. 

    Their dedicated team of advisors will consider your personal and financial circumstances before exploring a range of options tailored to your needs.

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    Why Consider Age Partnership?

    You should consider Age Partnership as an equity release advisor due to the prominent position it has secured in the equity release market. 

    Their reputation and relationships with the various UK providers could mean that you qualify for:

    • Low lifetime mortgage rates
    • Cash bonuses
    • Free valuations

    Working with Age Partnership could gain you access to products and deals that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you as an individual or to IFAs1

    In addition to the above, working with Age Partnership affords you these additional benefits:

    • Obligation-free quotations at no cost.
    • Over‑the‑phone or video appointments.
    • Award-winning service.
    • Access to a range of exclusive plans.
    • Whole market comparisons.

    Age Partnership’s Equity Release Plans 

    Age Partnership can advise you on any of the following equity release plans:

    Their position as whole-market advisers gives them, and subsequently you, access to all available equity release plans.

    Their expertise and knowledge enable them to handpick the best-suited plans for you while considering your circumstances and your goals. 

    Age Partnership’s Qualification Criteria

    Age Partnership’s qualifying criteria depend on the plan you choose and the lender’s requirements. 

    The broad qualifying criteria for equity release are:

    • You are 55 or over.
    • You own property in the UK.
    • Your home is worth a minimum of £70,000.
    • You have little or no existing mortgage on your property.

    What Are Age Partnership’s Interest Rates?

    Age Partnership’s interest rates are dependent on the plan and provider you ultimately choose. 

    Based on the Equity Release Council’s2 spring report the average equity release interest rates were around 4.16% in January 2022.

    What Are Age Partnership’s Fees?

    Age Partnership’s typical fee is £1,795, which is only payable once you choose to proceed and finalise a plan with them. 

    Their initial no-obligation consultation is free. 

    Other fees typically associated with equity release but will be charged by the provider include:

    • Valuation fees
    • Arrangement fees
    • Solicitor’s fees
    • Consultation fees

    Age Partnership’s equity release calculator may help you determine how much money you could access. 

    The information they require to generate a quote is:

    • Estimated property value. 
    • Outstanding mortgage.
    • Age of youngest homeowner.
    • Your email address. 

    For an unbiased comparative result use our calculator below.

    Age Partnership Pros & Cons

    Age Partnership advantages include access to whole-market equity release plans, but the disadvantage is that you wouldn’t benefit from the total value of your home. 

    Let’s have a look at more advantages and disadvantages of Age Partnership.


    • Award-winning equity release advisors. 
    • Access to the whole equity release market.
    • Free initial advice.
    • Possible bonuses, including a free property valuation or cashback.
    • Equity Release Council members.
    • Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)3.
    • Free no-obligation quote.


    • £1,795 fee upon acceptance and finalisation of your plan.
    • Interest can accrue quickly.
    • It will reduce the inheritance of your loved ones.
    • You won’t benefit from the total value of your property.

    How Did We Review Age Partnership?

    We reviewed Age Partnership by considering all of its data on the products it offers so that we can give you the most credible information about it.

    Age Partnership Reviews

    Age Partnership reviews are, in the most part glowing, with the majority of people praising their response time, knowledge and personal service. 

    Find out what else their clients have to say on these: 

    Age Partnership Complaints

    Age Partnership complaints can be directed to their compliance officer by letter, email or phone. 

    Email them:

    Call them: 0113 8199 659

    Write to them:

    The Compliance Officer

    2200 Century Way

    Thorpe Park


    LS15 8ZB

    Age Partnership Jobs

    Age Partnership jobs are regularly advertised on their careers page

    Some of the roles that could be available include:

    • Customer service
    • Advisors
    • Technical assistants
    • Developers
    • Compliance Officers

    Age Partnership FCA Details

    The Age Partnership details as registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are:

    FCA Address

    2200 Century Way

    Thorpe Park


    LS15 8ZB

    United Kingdom

    Trading Names

    • Age Partnership Limited

    FCA Permitted Services

    • Insurance
    • Mortgages and Home Finance
    • Consumer Credit


    • Financial Conduct Authority (FAC) ¹
    • Financial Services Authority Now the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) 2

    Registration Numbers

    • FCA Ref Number: 425432
    • FCA Reg Number: 5265969

    FCA & Companies House Link

    Age Partnership Contact Info

    Age Partnership’s contact number for general and equity release enquiries is: 

    08080 555 222.

    A qualified advisor will be on hand 7 days a week to answer any of your equity release questions. 

    Their working hours are 8:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday to Saturday, and 9:00 am to 5.30 pm on Sundays.

    Common Questions

    Is Age Partnership a Member of the Equity Release Council?

    Where's Age Partnership Located?

    Why Choose Age Partnership?

    Who Owns Age Partnership?

    Does Age Partnership Do Equity Release?

    Is Age Partnership Equity Release Safe?

    In Conclusion

    Age Partnership has earned the trust of over 80,000 clients for whom they’ve released over £3.2bn in equity.

    Their award-winning advice and service have earned them a seat at the top of the equity release market. 

    With access to the whole market, Age Partnership is in the best position to find you the most suitable equity release plan and negotiate the best deals on your behalf. 

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