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Domestic demand should insulate US economy

In today’s Fundamentals briefing, LGIM economist James Carrick considered the US economy – the current mainstay of global growth – and assessed whether it could be affected by volatile global

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Recent market volatility and where we go from here

“This is a testing time for investors. Over the past year the market has been driven forward by strong fundamental trends underpinned by changes in the real world – but

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Marc Faber warns on US equities

Noted contrarian investor Marc Faber warned last week, that the US economy will probably enter into a recession within 6 months and that a serious stock market fall is imminent. In

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VIDEO: Steve Keen criticises naïve austerity economics

In an exclusive interview with Every Investor, Professor Steve Keen from Kingston University has warned that politicians who promote austerity economics are naïve. The economist, who was one of the few

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US to get more QE, predicts Albert Edwards

Following poor economic growth of 0.2% annualised gross domestic product (GDP) for the first quarter, the US seems set on a path to eventually reintroduce more quantitative easing (QE). This

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Marc Faber predicts gold will rise 30 per cent this year

Marc Faber, contrarian investor and author of the Gloom Boom Doom Report, has predicted that investors will lose faith in central banks and that gold will rise 30% this year.

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VIDEO: Professor Steve Keen says US stock market set to fall within a year

This is the third in our series of exclusive interviews with Professor Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics, one of the few economists who accurately predicted there would be a


Ten tips to stop wasting money

Paying ATM fees to withdraw cash, avoidable credit card interest and charges, club memberships and TV channel subscriptions also feature in the list of the top 10 money wasters that