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Professor Steve Keen on Greece, China and private debt

In this interview in Australia, Professor Steve Keen of Kingston University predicts a full market crash in China and explains why the crushing of Greek democracy by the European Union

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US funds fail to deliver star spangled performance

Investors put off investing in Europe by the likelihood of a Greek exit, and concerned by the prospect of problems in Emerging Markets, not to mention plunging stock markets in

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Professor Steve Keen on the Greek crisis

For those interested in learning more about the Greek crisis, Professor Steve Keen, from Kingston University, yesterday recorded an interview with the BBC that is a must watch. This follows

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A third of people living in London can’t afford basics

New research from Loughborough University shows that a third of Londoners have less income than they need for what the public regard as a decent standard of living. That is

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Twitter: top 5 finance experts worth following

These days we’re all time poor, deafened by a cacophony of strident views on the financial markets. Creating a list on twitter can help keep you focused the people with

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VIDEO: Steve Keen criticises naïve austerity economics

In an exclusive interview with Every Investor, Professor Steve Keen from Kingston University has warned that politicians who promote austerity economics are naïve. The economist, who was one of the few

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US to get more QE, predicts Albert Edwards

Following poor economic growth of 0.2% annualised gross domestic product (GDP) for the first quarter, the US seems set on a path to eventually reintroduce more quantitative easing (QE). This

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VIDEO: Professor Steve Keen on housing bubbles

In the second in our series of exclusive interviews with Professor Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics, he explains how private debt has fuelled housing bubbles and the danger of allowing


US Fed backtracks on end to QE

Instead of winding down its asset purchase programme as previously indicated, Fed chairman Ben Bernanke said weaker than expected unemployment data had prompted the decision to delay tapering. It also


Viewpoint: Don’t lose faith in equities

“I have been arguing for some time that we need to see a low volatility environment as a precondition for a rerating of equities. “In 2008, volatility spiked into the