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Emerging markets: the wallflower at the stock exchange party

Developed markets have been having a whale of a time lately. No matter what we seem to throw their way, they just continue to climb and the party rages on.

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Is South Africa the next Brazil?

South Africa used to exhibit the hallmarks of a strong emerging market: stable politics, sustainable growth, good management teams at companies plus a ticket to the last frontier: corporate Africa.

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Global monetary policies increasingly divergent

Diverging monetary policies in developed countries are affecting exchange rates and prospects for foreign capital flows to emerging markets, say Standard & Poor’s economists today in the report: ‘European Monetary

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Energy reform improves Mexico’s prospects

Indeed, despite a challenging global macroeconomic backdrop we would highlight that Mexico has proved to be resilient throughout the volatility in global markets in the second quarter of the year.

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Viewpoint: Time to invest in Mexico

“Economic activity in Mexico may have slowed down during Q1 2013 but sequential data suggests that the economy picked up speed in the second quarter as manufacturing exports gained momentum.