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Professor Steve Keen on Greece, China and private debt

In this interview in Australia, Professor Steve Keen of Kingston University predicts a full market crash in China and explains why the crushing of Greek democracy by the European Union


One in three children worry about money

Despite an apparent improvement in the economic situation of the country over the past couple of years, the previous recession appears to have left a lasting legacy on the nation’s

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Professor Steve Keen on the Greek crisis

For those interested in learning more about the Greek crisis, Professor Steve Keen, from Kingston University, yesterday recorded an interview with the BBC that is a must watch. This follows


5 investing lessons from Greece

Greece’s  exit from the Eurozone and even the European Union is now much more likely, given the refusal of the ‘troika’ of the European Union (EU), European Central Bank (ECB)

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Investors warned on private debt in Turkey and Thailand

Investors in both Turkey and Thailand have been warned that both economies are at risk from high levels of private debt that will ultimately impact their stock markets. In an


UK debt a ‘key weakness’, says Moody’s

The United Kingdom’s (Aa1 stable) economic growth will likely remain solid in 2015-16, but its high debt burden remains a key weakness, said Moody’s Investors Service in a report published


Why an ultimatum to Greece will cost you

The rumoured decision by Greece’s creditors to deliver an ultimatum attempting to force more austerity on an already beleaguered country is likely to  cost investors and tax payers here and elsewhere

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House prices set to rise further

House prices are set to rise across the UK, confronting the Bank of England with a dilemma. This is the view expressed by Steven Bell, chief economist at F&C Investments

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UK enters era of deflation with CPI at minus 0.1 per cent

According to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) fell by 0.1% in the year to April 2015, making it the first time

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Twitter: top 5 finance experts worth following

These days we’re all time poor, deafened by a cacophony of strident views on the financial markets. Creating a list on twitter can help keep you focused the people with