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FCA warns on crowdfunding promotions

In a document released this week the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned that many promotions for investments via crowdfunding websites, including mini-bonds, provide insufficient warning of the risks to


Finding it tough to get a mortgage?

An obvious example of this is flats above commercial premises where prices could be up to 30% cheaper than those that are not. There are clearly numerous types of commercial


Viewpoint: Fixed mortgage rates to fall further

While the Bank is not promising to keep interest rates low for a particular period of time, it expects that rates won’t rise above their current level of 0.5% before


Is an offset mortgage right for you?

In the scheme of things very few lenders offer offset mortgages and historically they have tended to be variable rate mortgages – in other words, tracker rates – although recently


Mortgages and maternity leave

Like many couples my wife returned to work but how lenders treat couples who wish to move when a woman is on maternity leave can vary. It is a topic