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Twitter: top 5 finance experts worth following

These days we’re all time poor, deafened by a cacophony of strident views on the financial markets. Creating a list on twitter can help keep you focused the people with

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A must watch: the Keiser Report

For those who want a deeper insight into what’s really happening in the global economy and the world of finance, the Keiser Report is well worth watching. Max Keiser can


Property is likely to do well this ISA season

But in general, the trend has been pretty similar: UK Equity Income funds have been the most popular, followed by UK All Companies and Strategic Bond, then Asia Pacific ex


Top 10: UK equity fund sales rise

UK equities accounted for 19% of total sales and a third of all equities sales, overtaking global specialist funds as the second most popular asset class for the first time


Five funds for income investors

The FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies are forecast to declare a total of £89.1bn in dividends for the financial year ending next March. Income is a major contributor to


Top 20 funds since Lehman’s collapse

Over the weekend the news headlines had been dominated by the failed rescue talks for Lehman’s and they had declared bankruptcy. The unimaginable had happened and the US government had

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Top 10 ISA investment funds

So, while it is front of mind, we thought you might like to know which funds other people are investing in for their children. Here to see the most popular


May’s best selling funds top ten

1. Standard Life Global Absolute Return Strategies Traditional low volatility options such as bond funds are out of favour at the moment, as quantitative easing has distorted the market pushing