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Three emerging markets that stand out

Emerging market debt found itself in the eye of the storm in the wake of Donald Trump’s election in the US late last year, with many investors cautious about allocating

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Kames Capital: outlook for six asset classes

European equities As the market continues to digest President Trump’s every tweet for policy nuances, we should not be distracted from the fundamental backdrop. The European economy is recovering, with

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Elections in France and Holland pose risk

While Italian bond yields have, until recently, remained surprisingly stable since the country’s landmark referendum in December, elections outside its borders in 2017 could intensify its existing economic problems if

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Brexit speech: experts react

The Prime Minister seems to have achieved her goal of setting out a plan without giving too much away and markets – for now – appear happy to give her

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Will Indian black market crackdown boost economy?

On 8 November, the government in India effectively withdrew 86% of all bank notes in circulation when it made the old 500 and 1,000 rupee notes (worth about £6 and

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Insurance in delivering dividends

Kames’ Douglas Scott and Iain Wells believe the UK’s life insurance sector is now in rude health having come through various regulatory headwinds, with attractive and climbing dividends on offer.

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Kames Capital launches emerging market fund

The Kames Emerging Market Bond Fund will invest primarily in investment grade debt of EM sovereigns and corporates primarily through hard currency. It will invest a minimum of 80% of

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Markets move on ECB comments

Draghi’s comments came as the ECB left its interest rate changed at 0.05%. The ECB has embarked on a scheme of bond purchases at €60bn per month designed to bring

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Kames Capital reduces charge on fund

The move, which will take effect from 1st November 2015, will see the AMC reduced to 0.55% from 0.65% on the fund’s ‘B’ Share Class. It follows feedback from investors

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Income investors: Kames Capital warns on technology

Fund manager Kames Capital has warned income investors to appreciate that risks remain with successful technology growth stocks; which may themselves become the target of disruptive technology. Insatiable demand for