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FTSE confounds naysayers yet again

It isn’t often that we can say the British are more positive than the Americans, but today has seen the FTSE 100 confound all doubt to push into yet another

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Bears abandon ship after bank earnings

Thoughts of a bigger selloff have been banished this afternoon as a trio of US bank earnings beat expectations, restoring optimism regarding US equity markets and giving investors the chance

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Investment company Olympians

The AIC ranked its members by discrete calendar years and benchmarked outperformance against the overall average investment company. Where two companies had the same consistency score, volatility of returns (standard

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Life after Brexit for investors

The EU Referendum result is a political earthquake for the UK, with important economic consequences that will hang over the country for years, if not decades. But the impact for

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JP Morgan: Hold your nerve

The UK’s shock Brexit vote puts heavy storm clouds over the investment outlook. Without overlooking the magnitude of what’s changed for Britain, investors need to remember this is not a

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Traders withdraw from markets ahead of Doha

A tangible sense of apprehension has swept across global markets today, with traders unwilling to hold positions into the weekend given the clear risk of [the OPEC/non-OPEC meeting] in Doha

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Investment ideas for ISAs

The Share Centre has tipped Rolls Royce, Unilever and Vodafone as suitable equities for those looking to make an investment in their ISA at the start of this tax year

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Will the Year of the Monkey be a lucky one?

It’s already been a tough start to the year for the Chinese market, as the Year of the Monkey approaches on 8 February. Monkeys in the Chinese zodiac are ‘clever,

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Is the market storm over?

‘Is the storm over?’ One answer is that it is too early to say. A better one is that for long-term investors, it’s the wrong question. The right question is: ‘Starting

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Three tips to help investors

2016 has got off to a bad start and the bears are out in force. The list of concerns has been building up causing markets to fall. Currently markets are more focused