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Fund sales break record levels

The data shows that net retail sales broke previous records with £5.6bn in September and the best-selling asset class in Q3 was fixed income, with net retail sales of £4.9bn.

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Brexit speech: experts react

The Prime Minister seems to have achieved her goal of setting out a plan without giving too much away and markets – for now – appear happy to give her

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Investment Association refutes hidden fund fees

The IA analysis shows returns of equity funds against their benchmark indices over the past three years and concludes there is no evidence of hidden charges. Commenting, Laith Khalaf, senior

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Brexit fund exodus eclipses 2008 crisis

By comparison, in the worst month of withdrawals during the financial crisis, January 2008, retail investors withdrew £561m from UK investment funds. In October 2008, just after the collapse of

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A mixed first year of Tory government

The stock market has been more volatile than any other post-election period since 1987. However, market movement during the past twelve months has been the lowest when compared to any

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Gold equities funds performed the best in April

A quick peak below at the best and worst performing Investment Association fund sectors in April (based on sector average performance) reveals that, despite the endless talk about the damage and

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Make more of managed funds

The term ‘managed funds’, often referred to as multi asset funds, incorporates a wide variety of investment styles and strategies and, from an investor’s perspective, covers a range of risk

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Investment funds hit record high

This is despite the turmoil in markets we saw in the latter half of the year as a Chinese slowdown and commodity rout dented investor sentiment. UK Equity Income was

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Top performing ethical funds

The ethical funds sector has grown notably in recent years with more and more people keen to make their money not only grow – but also work towards social and


Sentiment on house prices reaches record high

The survey was first conducted in February 2009 and is compiled each month. This is the eleventh consecutive month households reported a rise in the value of their property. February’s