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Third Greek bailout approved

Greece has given the green light to its third bailout package and stock markets have welcomed the decision, but the excitement may not last for long as there’s speculation the

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Professor Steve Keen on Greece, China and private debt

In this interview in Australia, Professor Steve Keen of Kingston University predicts a full market crash in China and explains why the crushing of Greek democracy by the European Union

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VIDEO: film director warns on financial crisis

In this interview Ross Ashcroft, director, broadcaster and renegade economist, speaks to Chris Menon about the coming financial crisis. Ashcroft directed the critically-acclaimed documentary Four Horseman about the causes of

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Greek woes impact sentiment towards Eurozone shares

July has seen the largest annual fall in sentiment towards Eurozone shares since March 2013. Net investor sentiment for the asset class declined 19 percentage points (-19pp) from last month

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Albert Edwards warns on China and recommends ‘Grexit’

In a note out last week, Albert Edwards, global strategist at Societe Generale, warned that Chinese stock market woes are set to move West, while recommending ‘Grexit’ as a path

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IMF reveals EU ignored advice on Greek debt talks

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has fiercely criticised the bailout deal offered to Greece by the Eurozone, revealing that the Eurogroup of finance ministers had ignored its advice when negotiating

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No great escape: Greece capitulates to German austerity

The Greek Government of Alexis Tspiras appears to have completely capitulated to demands from the troika (ECB/EU and IMF) to implement austerity policies only a week after the Greek people

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Planet Ponzi author says Greece a ‘diversion’

While urging the Greek people to say ‘No!’ to a failed policy of austerity, Mitch Feierstein has warned that the Greek crisis is a ‘diversion’ from even more potent threats

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Professor Steve Keen on the Greek crisis

For those interested in learning more about the Greek crisis, Professor Steve Keen, from Kingston University, yesterday recorded an interview with the BBC that is a must watch. This follows


5 investing lessons from Greece

Greece’s  exit from the Eurozone and even the European Union is now much more likely, given the refusal of the ‘troika’ of the European Union (EU), European Central Bank (ECB)