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Why commodities are declining

Almost all commodity markets have had a very painful experience recently but this is a trend that has been entrenched for some time now. The aggregate Bloomberg Commodities Index is

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Jim Rogers awaits lower gold price

Maverick investor Jim Rogers has revealed that he waiting for gold to go below US$1000 before buying more. In response to Monday’s fall in the price of gold to US$1,088

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IMF reveals EU ignored advice on Greek debt talks

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has fiercely criticised the bailout deal offered to Greece by the Eurozone, revealing that the Eurogroup of finance ministers had ignored its advice when negotiating

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Gold price set to rise if Greek crisis worsens

As negotiations with Greece and its creditors have stalled over Greek refusal to impose further austerity on its already flat-lining economy, the prospects for a significant rise in the price

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Negative view on UK shares increases in May

May has seen the largest fall in sentiment towards UK asset classes since November 2014, according to the monthly Lloyds Bank Private Banking Investor Sentiment Index. With eight out of

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Investors still keen on physical gold ETPs

Evidence appears to be mounting that investors are steadily coming back to physical gold ETPs as a hedge against increasingly volatile global markets. Global inflows into physical gold ETPs increased

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Gold price set to hit $1,400 an ounce by year end

Capital Economics has reiterated its price target of $1,400 (£952) an ounce for gold by the end of 2015. Julian Jessop, head of Commodities Research at the macroeconomic consultancy explained


What do the dramatic new pension freedom rules in April mean for you?

What are the changes One of the biggest gripes for UK pension savers is the poor value we receive when we exchange our hard earned pension pot for an annuity.

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Marc Faber predicts gold will rise 30 per cent this year

Marc Faber, contrarian investor and author of the Gloom Boom Doom Report, has predicted that investors will lose faith in central banks and that gold will rise 30% this year.


Retailers perform despite bleak weather

On a total basis sales were up 3.4%, against a 3.4% increase in May 2012 while total growth of 3.4% was above the three month average of 2.3% and the