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10 years on from the credit crisis: investment strategy

We looked at three types of investment strategy – adventurous, balanced and cautious (as defined by Fidelity’s PathFinder range* of risk-rated managed investment solutions) – and calculated how much £10,000

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Fidelity reveals its most popular funds of 2016

The 10 most popular funds on the platforms highlight how investors were focused on two themes in 2016: geographical diversification and the search for income-yielding investments. With 2016 being punctuated

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Clinton vs Trump: Reasons to favour US equities

No other market can compare with the US in terms of size. American companies represent over half the value of all companies listed in the MSCI All Country World index,

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Interest rates held despite expectation of cut

The nine-strong Monetary Policy Committee had voted to keep interest rates at 0.5% for a total of 89 months. The 0.5% rate, announced on Thursday 5 March 2009, is the lowest

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Brexit: keep a sense of perspective

As expected, markets have reacted negatively to Britain’s decision to leave the EU with the FTSE 100 already falling 8% this morning. Markets dislike uncertainty and they now face this

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Does the LISA really signal the death of pensions?

We’ve heard no end of debate around how the Lifetime ISA (LISA) will leave any form of pension out in the cold yet some simple number crunching shows that, for

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Will we see even lower interest rates?

The BoE’s Monetary Policy Committee voted unanimously today to maintain interest rates at 0.5% and also agreed to maintain the quantitative easing programme at £375bn. Ian McCafferty voted for a

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Pension move just a postponement

George Osborne was widely rumoured to make changes to tax relief on pensions in his 16 March Budget. However it emerged over the weekend that the changes would no longer

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Fixed income outlook for 2016

As 2015 draws to a close, fixed income investors can look back on the year with some sense of relief. Many events had the potential to derail returns – the